Life On The Road Daily Blog

Jonathan and I just sold our sailboat, S/V Empress, on April 22, 2019! We’ve decided to get back on land and continue our adventures with our two cats! Our plan is to move and be based in Herceg Novi, Montenegro and save up more money to to buy a small olive farm and a catamaran sailboat next year! You can read our reasons here on why we chose to move to MONTENEGRO.



Day 1 (April 27, 2019) - Saying Goodbye to s/v Empress and driving to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Day 2 (April 28, 2019) - Relaxing at the apartment and getting our things from a friend's house!

Day 3 (April 29, 2019) - On my way to becoming a Housewife! Cooking Day in Puerto Rico 😜

Day 4 (April 30, 2019) - Shipping the Liferaft to Florida and Watching the Last Full Show of Avengers 🤩

Day 5 (May 1, 2019) - Visited the Veterinarian for Little Zissou and Derma Treatment for me!

Day 6 (May 2, 2019) - Lunch at Texas De Brazil with our friend

Day 7 (May 3, 2019) - Watching Game of Thrones and Staying at the Apartment with the Cats 🤟

Day 8 (May 4, 2019) - Weekend Trip to El Yunque National Forest and Staying at Casa Flamboyant Puerto Rico. 🙏

Day 9 (May 5, 2019) - Hiking to Cubuy Waterfalls in El Yunque National Park

Day 10 (May 6, 2019) - Another day hiking in El Yunque National Forest and Eating BBQ at the malecon in Naguabo (Promenade)

Day 11 (May 7, 2019) - Last 2 days in Puerto Rico!

Day 12 to 13 (May 8 - 9, 2019) - New York here we come with Captain Ahab & Little Zissou ✈️