Life On The Road Day 126: Hello from Ghent, Belgium! ❤️

They also spell it like Gent. 👌

When I left last June to go on a 2 months solo travels in Central Asia, Jonathan was pretty cool about it as long as I promised we’d go on a motorbike trip when I get back aside from the anniversary trip to Russia (with stops in Finland to catch the ferry).🛳

Our plan was to buy his new bike in the UK and drive all the way back to Montenegro. He actually planned our route by crossing the ferry from Dover, UK to Calais, France then drive to Belgium (Ghent) to Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia then home to Montenegro.

But things have changed because of what happened to me, we don’t have his motorbike and we’re driving back with the car we bought this summer.. we’re still doing the same route that he wanted though ❤️

We arrived in Ghent yesterday and already loved it! We’ve traveled around the world and I really do love traveling around Europe and so glad we’re now based here but still figuring out where to live long-term. hahaha 😂

We left Jonathan’s parent’s home at 5:30am and was on the ferry to France at 9:20am then we drove for almost 2 hours to reach this beautiful city in Belgium. It has a big University so many students riding around their bicycles.

In 2016, we visited Brussels and this time Jonathan recommended Ghent and great choice indeed. We’re staying at this family-owned Bed & Breakfast called Design B&B Logidenri with a beautiful location in the city center, super comfy bed and a cozy bathroom with a bathtub! The owner is an Architect and designed each room differently.. ours is called the Fifth room and on the top floor!👌

We walked around the city center actually Jonathan pushing my wheelchair) on cobblestone and it wasn’t fun so we decided to go out again at night since we’ve heard that this Northwestern city of Belgium is nicer at night and so we went out and the churches are beautiful with lights! Will share photos next.🤣

Jonathan was able to fly our drone so you can see the beautiful city of Ghent ❤️

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