Life On The Road Day 125: My doctor’s follow up appointment

Still have a lot of photos to share from our trip in Finland and Russia but we arrived in London the other day then went back to Jonathan’s parents house in Stroud for my doctor’s follow up appointment.

One month after my car accident in Pakistan, I’m now out of bandages and cast.. my new screws and plates are holding well and my broken ankle is healing! 🥰😘💋

So now the consultants told me to still wear my fancy boots for one more month and make sure to get physical therapy sessions immediately for my ankle and hoping the annoying pain on my neck and shoulder from the whiplash will go away soon as well! ❤️

It’s still painful but I’m on my way to getting better.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 now, we’re off driving back to Montenegro! Jonathan brought our car back to the UK and we have to bring it back with us with all of the asian food shopping I did while in the UK 😆😆

Taking a ferry to Calais, France today then will be staying for a night in GHENT, BELGIUM 👌

Life On The Road Day 125 My doctor’s follow up appointment.jpg
Life On The Road Day 125 My doctor’s follow up appointment1.jpg