Life On The Road Day 122: 3rd wedding anniversary trip to Russia! ❤️

Not really expert in selfies because Jonathan hates it but some snaps from our 3rd wedding anniversary trip to Russia! ❤️

I have a lot of photos on our 3 days in St Petersburg. We took the sunset cruise in Neva River, Hop On Hop Off bus, walked along the Nevsky Avenue (Jonathan pushing me on a wheelchair) and also a private tour inside the Hermitage Museum.

I know I should be resting after my surgery but I was allowed to fly and encouraged to keep moving on my boots as long as I can handle the pain..oops! I really didn’t want to cancel this trip because it’s important for me and my husband since we’ve been away from each other for 2 months.

Then we will be driving back on our own car back to Montenegro with stopovers in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia! Not possible to drive straight from London to home as it’s a very long drive! haha ❤️ I will be mostly at home in Herceg Novi the rest of the year to heal and recover.

How about you guys, what are your travel plans the rest of the year? ❤️

Life On The Road Day 122 3rd wedding anniversary trip to Russia.jpg