Life On The Road Day 118: Jonathan’s first time visiting Helsinki, Finland! ❤️

Yesterday we arrived in Helsinki, Finland ❤️

My doctor said I’m allowed to travel and actually encouraging me to start walking and put pressure on my boots but the only problem is the pain.. but I think I can handle it.

Though I cancelled some of my solo trips, we decided to continue our 5 day Finland & Russia trip. We drove to Heathrow hotel the night before so it’s easier for me the next day.

We flew direct from London Heathrow to Helsinki- Vantaa with Finnair then a train ride to the city center. Jonathan were pushing me around on my wheelchair, quite hassle but I was able to talk photos and videos. Lol 😂

Yesterday was also when Vladimir Putin was on his state visit and it was really crowded in the center so we just hangout at the Esplanade and had Ramen for lunch! I’ve met up with my Tita Helen who I visited in 2017 but it was quick since we have to catch our ferry ship to Russia at 7pm!

It’s Jonathan’s first time in Finland but I think we’ll do more walk around on our way back to London!

We took the Princess Anastasia ship of MOBY SPL that would allow us a 72-hour visa free to St. Petersburg, RUSSIA as long as we booked the return ferry ticket, hotel and shuttle service. We wanted to explore more but getting a visa for my Philippines passport is quite a hassle since I have to go back to Pinas (my country of residence) since I’m not yet resident in any country abroad.

YEP, VISA-FREE to Russia for ANY Nationalities but you’d need to have a double or multiple entry visa access to Schengen since you have to return to Finland / Estonia or even Sweden.

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