Life On The Road Day 21 & 22: Jonathan Flew to England to Get our Car

When we finally decided to live and move to Montenegro, we had to figure out how we can ship our belongings there and bring our cats. We found out shipping is complicated since we don’t have an address yet, it’s expensive for the taxes and at the same time we had to make a quick decision to remove most of our things from the boat so we can sell it.. Catch 22!😩😩

So we decided to ship everything back to England and the first thing we have to do is buy a car! We couldn’t buy a car somewhere else because of the residency and ownership issue and only in the UK we can easily purchase things because Jonathan is British.

Glad his brother was available to help us with everything - checked and bought the car we found online, received all of the boxes and online shopping in their house and handled bank transfers for us etc since we couldn’t use our online banking for payment! The hard part of living abroad and being nomadic! Hahaha 🤭

We got a Volkswagen Passat Estate.. we initially wanted an SUV but the fuel prices in the UK and Europe is too expensive and it’s not practical for us to get a new car when we know we have to get another one once we’re settled! We only need a car to bring us safely to Montenegro and for us to use at the beginning of our move! I don’t know how to drive a right-hand car anyway 😂😂 My bro-in-law made sure we got the good one and now Jonathan is on his way back from the UK to Germany via France! Surprised they were able to fit in most of our things even before using the roof rack/bag! Haha 👌👌

The cats and I are just here at the apartment we’re renting in Frankfurt while I re-pack and work online!! Hope we can explore Frankfurt before we leave as it’s our first time here (only been to Berlin before!).. any suggestions on what to do in Frankfurt? 😍

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