Life On The Road Day 3: On my way to becoming a Housewife! Cooking Day in Puerto Rico 😜

If you read my previous posts.. you know that I always dream of becoming a full-time housewife.. like someone who really knows how to run everything at home and making things organized and nice! After all the traveling, that's how I see myself in the future! 🙏😍 Hahaha!

So today was spent working online while starting to re-pack our things! I also cooked adobong chicken (actually with more potato kasi I'm that kuripot 😂😂) then baked brownies for our snacks for the whole week while we're here! 🤟

The cats are really enjoying staying in the apartment and not sure if they're missing the sailboat.. maybe Captain Ahab! 😬

We only have two more important gears that we've been hoping to sell - our Viking Liferaft and Brand new Lewmar windlass! They are quite pricey but we're dropping the price into half so we can just sell them and so they will go to their next awesome floating home!! Once we sell them.. we'll be really free and hopefully will explore Puerto Rico a bit before we leave the island! 😍 Please pray with me 🙏🙏

Life On The Road Day 3 On my way to becoming a Housewife! Cooking Day in Puerto Rico 7.jpg