Life On The Road Day 5: Visited the Veterinarian for Little Zissou and Derma Treatment for me!

We visited the vet for the last time here in Puerto Rico.. Little Zissou needed to get his last vaccine shot and the Animal Health certificate for the two cats.. we needed it because it's a requirement for the airlines! If we don't have it then the cats won't be allowed to board the airplane.. it's only $30 per cat so all good! 🤩🤩

We had to drive for more than an hour each way to go from San Juan (North) to Salinas where we used to be to see the doctor since he knows our cats! hihi 😂

Before the cat's stuff.. I went for a morning Microneedling session in San Juan.. my skin has been damaged a lot because of being under the sun in the last 2 years.. hopefully will get better soon! 🙏🙏

Spent the whole late afternoon and night watching netflix while eating popcorn!! I feel like normal again.. loving the convenience of having all the appliances at home 😜😜