Life On The Road Day 9: Hiking to Cubuy Waterfalls in El Yunque National Park

Guys, you should visit Puerto Rico! It's about time and they already recovered from the Hurricane damages.. not fully but getting there! More tourists the better for the economy and it's so worth it (though quite expensive to travel around but still one of the cheapest islands in the Caribbean)! 😍

The beautiful b&b where we are staying, Casa Flamboyant Puerto Rico, prepared a really delicious full breakfast for us.. first is fruits platter then the main dish of Turkey & Cheese sandwich with fried yuca fries! Super yummy! They get most of the ingredients from their garden or from the neighbors! 😬

After breakfast, Jonathan and I decided to go on a morning hike to the Cubuy Waterfalls and Rio Sabana (river) and the hotel has a direct hiking path.. it's quite steep for me but so happy to made it! Jonathan immediately jumped to the swimming hole but I didn't.. I chicken out as it's too cold for the morning!! Maybe on later today's hike! haha 😂 But then I immediately jumped to the infinity pool at the hotel after our hike 😬

Our main goal this year is for both of us to be healthier and active again.. glad we're on the right path!! 😍

Life On The Road Day 9 Hiking to Cubuy Waterfalls in El Yunque National Park.jpg