Life On The Road Day 11: Last 2 days in Puerto Rico!

We're flying out to New York tomorrow night from Ponce which is the reason we'll be driving to the southern part of the island and will be staying at Hotel Meliá Ponce.

Had to say goodbye to Florin and Ricky of Casa Flamboyant Puerto Rico for hosting us and they prepared another yummy breakfast for us 😍

The cats know that something big is happening so giving them both as much attention as possible.. Little Zissou always sleeps in between me and Jonathan.. yep, just like a child!😂

We also sold our windlass.. we thought we'd have to leave it to Orlando and just wait for weeks but we sold it!! It's quite pricey and the buyer was happy with the price so now I can buy an appleTV! hahaha ☺️

Wish us luck and I will update you all on how the cats would handle our move and the flights.. 🤟🙏

Life On The Road Day 11 Last 2 days in Puerto Rico!6.jpg