How To Get An Entry Tourist Visa For Jordan With Your Philippines Passport - Jordanian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

The Kingdom of Jordan is country in the Middle East bordered by Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Palestine, Israel, and Iraq. It is home to the Ancient City of Petra-- the half-built and half-carved city surrounded by mountains which you can only access by going through a narrow passage almost blocked by huge rocks. More than this Ancient City, The Kingdom of Jordan yearly attracts some 8 million tourists from everywhere in the world due to its very interesting history, ancient and distinct architecture, marvelous views, and of course, the warm people.

How To Get A Tourist/Entry Visa For Jordan With Your Philippines Passport

Prepare your Philippine Passports and quite a part of your travel savings because through this post, I’ll help you go to this very interesting country by explaining how you can reach the gateway to this country-- the precious Tourist/Entry Visa for Jordan.


It roughly takes 1-2 months to process the Tourist Visa for Jordan. It’s surprising that it takes such a long time to process it since there is a Consulate of Jordan in the Philippines but let me tell you along this post why it takes so much time.


RELAX… it doesn’t take forever. 1-2 months waiting time is fine because Jordan is very much worth the wait. The reason behind this is due to the fact that The Honorary Consulate of Jordan in the Philippines only perform specific functions which are: Stamping visas for approved visa applicants and to Authenticate commercial and non-commercial documents.

All visa applications are sent to the Embassy in Tokyo who is in charge of the processing. Thereafter, it will be sent to the Ministry of Interior in Amman. The Embassy in Tokyo will only provide them instructions for approved visa applications.

How To Get A Tourist/Entry Visa For Jordan With Your Philippines Passport


Philippines Passport holders, brace yourselves for a long list of requirements and very expensive visa processing fee.

1. Completed visa application form per applicant which should be answered electronically using pdf/acrobat reader;

2. Copy of your passport biodata page. Note that it should have a remaining validity of 6 months past your return flight;

 Processed with VSCO with  preset

3. Letter of Invitation/Purpose of Travel Letter or Letter of Intent, whichever is applicable.

- If Invitee is Jordanian, please include passport copy of the Jordanian national

- If Invitee is relative working in Jordan, please use company letterhead stating a brief description of their job and length of work in the company and to express sponsoring/supporting your Jordan trip/stay;

4. 2 pcs. 2x2 ID photo (any background color but I suggest to just have it with white background);

5. Hotel booking/reservation issued by an authorized Jordan tour/travel agency (if applicable);

6. Itinerary/Airline booking/reservation (you can book it with us for $30 only);

7. Certificate or letter from Jordan tour operator with applicants’ names indicated in a list as part of a tour group (if applicable);

8. Additional supporting documents (if invitee/spouse is Jordanian):

· Passport copy

· National ID

· Visa request letter written in Arabic

· Family book copy (if spouse is Jordanian); and

9. Visa application processing fee of 7,200 Php per applicant.


STEP 1: Gather all  the documents stated above;

STEP 2: Pay the visa application processing fee payment of 7,200 Php per applicant at any East West bank with the following account details:

Jordan Consulate

East-West Intramuros branch

Account Name: Michael Alexander Mariano Ang

Account # 69-01-00-444-5

STEP 3: Send all your documents together with the deposit slip at:

Honorary Consulate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Room 315, 3/F Sitio Grande Bldg. (formerly BOC Building)

409 A. Soriano Jr. Avenue

Intramuros, Manila 1002

Tel:  (+63-2) 310 5160

You can also send it via email at Make sure that the documents are clear and in JPEG  or PDF format including a scanned copy of the bank deposit slip as proof of payment.

STEP 4: Wait for the decision. The Embassy will contact you for any update on your visa application.

STEP 5: In case your visa is approved, you will have to send your passport to the Embassy of Jordan in Tokyo, Japan through a courier for visa stamping at your expense. You have to coordinate with the Honorary Consulate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Philippines for this.

How To Get A Tourist/Entry Visa For Jordan With Your Philippines Passport


1) Is the visa processing fee refundable in case of visa denial?

No. This is absolutely not refundable.

2) What is a Conditional Approval?

This means that your visa was approved but you need to submit an additional guarantee in the form of a Manager’s Check amounting to issued to the Embassy of Jordan in Tokyo, Japan for the amount of JD 5,000.00 (or its equivalent in US Dollars or Philippine Peso). This check will be kept at the Honorary Consulate and shall be given back to the traveler upon their return.

3) Is there an easier way to get a visa?

Sure! Here are some ways that you can get the visa faster:

  • If you know anyone living in Jordan, then you can ask him/her to apply on your behalf directly through the Ministry of Interior in Amman, Jordan.  This option is faster and is recommended if the reason for travel is urgent or if there is a time constraint.  If approved, you will only need to provide a copy of the Visa Approval Note from the Jordan Ministry of Interior, Passport Copy of the Recipient of the Approval Note, and Visa Stamping Fee.  The Embassy in the Philippines will then have the approval note verified by the Embassy in Tokyo prior to stamping the visa in the passport.

  • If you’re joining a tour (which I highly suggest for Jordan and Israel), some tour agencies can also apply for a Group Visa for the people in the group that they will be handling.

  • Go to Israel and look for a Local Travel Agency which can process your visa (valid for a few days) for a quick visit to Petra.

4) How long is the visa valid for?

If approved, an entry visit type visa (single entry) will be issued and is only valid for two (2) months from the date of approval.

5) Do I need to have a ‘show money’?

Not necessarily since they don’t require the Bank Statement/Bank Certificate. I still suggest that you mention on your Letter of Intent that you have a stable source of income, etc. Here are 7 Practical Tips On How To Have The Right Show Money.

6) What if I’m a student, digital nomad, or a business owner?

Depending on your personal circumstances, you could submit the following documents:

  • For Self-Employed including Digital Nomads- Business Registration for current and previous year and Income Tax Return (That’s why you need to register with the BIR! Income Tax Return is very important!);

  • For Students- Enrollment Certificate from your school, approved leave of absence (if applicable), and Affidavit of Support from parents (preferably in Red Ribbon Authentication); and

  • For minors- The minor’s birth certificate; The application form has to be signed by both parents; In cases where one parent has full custody over the child, the family court order has to be attached; Certified copies of ID/passport of both parents.

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