"Dummy" Hotel Booking for Schengen Visa: How To Make A Legit & Confirmed Hotel Booking Reservation For Your Visa Application

Schengen Visa is one of the toughest visas to get for Philippine Passport holders like me (yes I still use my Philippines Passport). Mahaba habang listahan ng requirements yan coupled with so much pressure because of the high rejection rate. Eto yung tipong tignan mo pa lang ang listahan e talagang pinagpapawisan ka na. Yikes!

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Since we’ve stopped traveling for now as we are currently sailing around the Bahamas, I started to focus on writing DIY Visa guide articles like Visa Application Guides For Filipinos, 7 Practical Tips On How To Have The Right "Show Money", 32 Important Tips When Dealing With The Philippine Immigration, How To Handle Tourist Visa Rejection, among many others which could guide Filipinos like me to travel the world and get that visa.

How To Make A "Hotel Booking Reservation" For Your Schengen Visa Application

For this post, I will be discussing on how you could meet that “Hotel Booking Reservation” requirement for your Schengen Visa Application. I know it’s easy for most of us but hindi lahat tayo ay techy at hindi lahat tayo marunong at batikan na. So unang una sa lahat, download the Agoda and Booking.com app on your smartphones. If walang smartphone, then go online and visit agoda.com and booking.com :)


Ever dreamt of traveling to the South of France to see fewer tourists and more places? What about stopping by at the underrated Saint Remy de Provence? I can guarantee you that you’ll be surprised at how authentic and real this place feels. You can hike up the small range of mountains called the Alpilles, indulge yourself in history by visiting museums (that is not Louvre), see the ancient Roman architecture in Glanum, buy yourself a treat at the Grand Marché Provençal and be amazed at how beautiful the French architecture is in every corner.

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Check out Hotel Van Gogh which is strategically located at the center of Saint Remy de Provence (3 minutes away from downtown)-- not only do they have very nice rooms and huge breakfast but they also have tons of good reviews with an 8.2 rating at booking.com and an 8.8 rating at Agoda. What’s more? They offer free cancellation too so you won’t have to worry about having to pay for an accommodation when you’re still even uncertain if you can get your visa!

TIPID TIP: Keep a list of the free cancellation dates because all of it is refundable only for a specific period of time.

Extra: Here’s a 32 USD FREE Voucher Code that you can use on Booking.com for your next hotel booking.


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Again, hotel booking websites like Agoda and Booking.com are your very best friends for this visa requirement. Wouldn’t it be nice not to pay anything until you actually check-in the hotel? Yes, it’s possible! Let’s say you’re planning to go to Milan, Italy but you’re on a tight budget? Tipid tipid tayo mga kapitbahay so dun tayo sa pang budgetarian na hotel like Aer Hotel Malpensa. For just $48 (which is very cheap for Milan) on Agoda and Booking.com, you can have a private double room with private shower, a good breakfast, free airport shuttle, and you can take advantage of their “Pay upon check-in option”. This option charges a little more compared to paying it via credit card, para syang earnest money na ipapakita mo sa owner na willing ka talaga mag stay sa kanila.

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TIPID TIP: Usually, they ask for your card details. Dun nila ibabawas yung bayad upon check-in. The problem with this option is some hotels do not give free cancellation so ingat ingat when choosing this option. Magbasa basa din tayo kahit walang time :)


If you choose the Standard Flexible Booking option when making your booking you will be charged $1 per guest. This way, your deposit and your booking reservation are protected so in case you change your mind and cancel it within the cancellation period, you can use it to make another booking within the next 6 months from cancellation date. This amount will then be credited back to your hostelworld.com account in USD (not in cash!) provided you have given the period of notice required by the travel services provider, for which please see its Terms and Conditions. Any service fees will be non-refundable. THE  BOOKING FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Athens, Greece might be everyone’s dream destination and as a middle-class Filipino, di natin masyadong afford ang Mga yayamaning hotel sa lugar na yan so dun tayo mag stay sa mga swak sa bulsa. Tempi Hotel Athens offers a private room with shared bathroom for only $38.16 (that’s cheap for Athens). It has a 9.3 rating, a superb location (few minutes from the Monastiraki Metro Station), clean rooms, and an uplifting atmosphere.

You can also check our guides to more than 50 countries for backpacker hostels, here.

TIPID TIP: Choose this option only when you are at least 80% sure that your visa will get approved. If you were able to get it before, then there are high chances that you’ll get it again. This is ideal for those of you who are unsure of your travel plans or those who just go with the flow since you’ll be able to cancel and rebook the reservation as many times as you like.


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I do not recommend this at all, especially when you’re a newbie traveler. Unless you’d find a cheap and non-refundable hotels or accommodations on the internet.. you can also try to check airbnb (Here’s our $25 FREE Voucher Code for you from AirBnB.)

If you’re booking 2 nights in Apartments Monaco in Monte Carlo and your visa gets denied, you’ll lose more or less $350!!! Now that’s a big amount of money. Monaco is a very expensive country (as in!!), just so you know. Even I wouldn’t book a non-refundable room because plans could always change. Anyway, it’s your call! Kung yayamanin ka and you’re sure to get your visa, then go! :)

TIPID TIP: You can do this once your visa gets approved and you’re 100 percent sure of your travel itinerary :)

So that’s it for this post! Hope this could help you get that visa and craft the perfect itinerary! For budgetarians, I compiled the List of Best Backpacker Hostels around the world which can help you select the cheapest and best ones for your trip! :)


1) What is the usual mode of payment?

It could be paid upon check-in, debit card, or credit card.

2) What if I don’t have a debit/credit card?

Then you can look for one with a “Pay upon check-in option” or I suggest you apply for a Prepaid Credit Card with your local bank.

3) What if I failed to cancel within the allowable period?

It depends. Some charge the first night and some charge the whole fee. So make sure to read the terms and conditions of your booking.

4) What if I fail to show up?

It depends. Some charge the first night and some charge the whole fee. So make sure to read the terms and conditions of your booking.

5) What if my visa gets denied?

Then cancel all your reservations right away or even before the stipulated cancellation period.

6) I’m arriving at midnight. What should I do??

Inform your hotel about this. You can ask them to arrange an airport pick-up. Some hotels do this for free.

7) I have a special meal request for the free breakfast. Should I inform the hotel?

Yes. Inform them so they can arrange a special meal for you. This is applicable especially when you’re a vegetarian or you have allergies.

8) What booking website do you prefer?

I use all of them and I always compare the prices before booking. So for me, it’s check, check, and select the cheapest. You can also use Hotelcombined to check the cost of everything!

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