List of Visa Free Countries in Asia for Filipinos - Visa Tips for Philippines Passport

Visa applications are quite scary for some, especially for the first time travelers; they require proper documents and a significant amount in the bank. Some countries also approve your visa if you have travel to other countries and have a good international travel history. So if ever you want to go to another country in the future using your Philippines Passport, why not collect stamps from these visa free countries for Filipinos in ASIA!

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Complete Guide To Being An AU Pair In Europe For Filipinos

In the French language, AU Pair literally means “on a par” or “equal to”. It means that a person is taken into a household and treated as a big sister where you’re expected to do light household chores like cleaning, babysitting, doing the laundry, preparing meals, etc. This is in exchange for flight tickets, pocket money, your own private room, and free food (depending on the rules of the host country and host family).

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