Rent-A-Flight Ticket Reservation Service For Visa Applications: Your Legit and Confirmed “Dummy Ticket”

Have you ever tried processing your own visa at tignan mo pa lang yung haba ng listahan ng requirements eh napapagod ka na?

Have you ever tried looking and booking for a refundable flight just to comply with these visa requirements at talagang yun pa lang e haggard ka na?

What about the nightmare of paying hundreds of dollars for your flight only to find out later that your visa had been denied? And worst, this booking fee is non-refundable and you can’t do anything about it? Sayang ang pera!

Have you ever been asked by the embassy/consular officer about when you intend to come back (when you really have no plans yet) and suddenly asks for your return flight booking and you just got caught off guard because you have none? (Di ba pwedeng I want to go and leave whenever I feel like it nalang as long as I don’t overstay?)

And the worst nightmare of all-- Have you ever got offloaded on your flight and there’s nothing you can really do about all your booked flights, hotels, and activities because you don't have a return flight ticket home kasi you'll go backpacking long-term?? Eto yung mga panahong rampang rampa ka na pero wala ka talagang magagawa kung hindi umuwi ng luhaan!

I can totally relate. These nightmares can happen to anyone, especially to holders of "3rd world passports" such as mine (I have a Philippines Passport and I don't like calling it that way but that's how it's called by other people.). But mind you, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it at all. I know it may be difficult for you to get every single visa requirement on your own but I have a very very good news: I am here to help.

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!


"If you don't know how, just ask Kach Howe!" HAHAHA (my new tagline!)

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!

I took steps to partner with an accredited travel agency in the Middle East catering to OFWs or Filipinos abroad. They don't normally do services like this with random people but only with their regular clients; most of the time, they'll only do it if the person will guarantee to pay the full amount of the ticket. BUT in our case, I explained to them that by partnering with me, we can help travelers with the visa requirements and for those longing to travel long-term and become Digital Nomads.

After you pay the reservation fee of $30 (USD) or Php 1,500 (Philippines Pesos) below, they will make a LEGITIMATE AND UNIQUE FLIGHT BOOKING RESERVATION /PNR for you which can be verified. You can visit respective airlines website, plugin the airline reservation code and your name under manage my bookings. After the hold period of usually 3 weeks for visa applications,  we will handle to automatically cancel it and you will NOT be asked to pay the full amount of the flight ticket. Then that's time you can look for the cheap flight options going to the country you intend to visit. 

Remember, most of the embassies are only requiring a CONFIRMED FLIGHT RESERVATION which is where they will be based your VISA TRAVEL DATES. They actually discourage you to pay for the full amount of ticket before getting a visa approved! A lot of people are booking everything online and it will be really hard or rare to get a flight ticket that will give you a full refund after a hold period of 3 or 4 weeks which is usually the time frame of your visa application and approval.

Anyway, I answered most of the frequently asked questions below, you can also check our step-by-step process below on how you can book the Rent-A-Flight ticket service.

Note: I'm writing this for my fellow Filipino travelers but we can also extend this service to other nationalities worldwide.


Nowadays, people think that "Dummy Ticket" is always fake... Some people/agencies make a dummy/fake flight reservation using the power and their knowledge of photoshop-- and if you get caught using it, good luck with the penalties/charges you may face. You can either be charged with forgery, made to pay the real flight cost, deported, blacklisted or even offloaded. I don’t recommend doing this at all!

Rent-A-Flight Ticket Reservation, on the other hand, is a confirmed and legitimate booking with a registered travel agency. It has a unique and legitimate barcode / PNR number that works with the airlines’ systems just because it is REAL and VERIFIABLE. You can visit respective airlines website, plugin the airline reservation code and you can find your name under manage my bookings.

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!


Let me start by saying not to stress out because this is very easy!


An onward ticket is a confirmed booking of any flight/train/bus originating from the country about to be entered into another country (Eg. Bus ticket from Vietnam to Cambodia, or Flight from Manila to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Dubai).

Round trip ticket is a confirmed booking of any flight/train/bus from the country about to be entered back to the country of origin (Eg. Manila-Paris-Manila).

Therein lies the difference. But they are similar in a way that the purpose of both is to assure the Immigration Officials and Consulate Officers that you will not overstay or even work illegally in their country. Di nila bet yun because that is against their law! Kahit tayo sa Pinas di natin bet yun! It’s either umuwi ka nang bansa mo or pumunta ka sa ibang bansa pag tapos na ang valid period ng stay mo :p  

Both of these are required when applying for your visa, as they are proof of when you plan to leave the destination country after your stay there.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that after your visa has been approved, when you actually come to check in for your flight and pass immigration, you will need to show proof of your fully paid for return flight ticket, or paid proof of onward travel. The service we offer is for the purposes of your visa application and is fully compliant with all immigration laws and policies. 


"I know a local travel agency who are charging less than your fees!"
Okay, then you don't need our service, feel free to book it with them because any legitimate travel agencies can freely do this. Our Rent-A-Flight service is based online and it is for people who don't know ANY travel agencies who are willing to do this kind of service.

You can get your flight booking reservation in 3 easy steps! Here's the summary but you can fill up the form and pay below!

STEP 1: Fill up the form and CLICK SUBMIT below! Make sure to fill out the details correctly to avoid any corrections. You can book it for yourself or for other people, it doesn't really matter.. remember, you are talking directly to me! =) You can book it up to 3 weeks before your expected flight schedule.

For visa applications purposes, we recommend that you book our service a couple of days before of your visa application, so that the ticket will be on hold for 3 weeks or so which is enough time for your visa to be processed!


STEP 2: There's only ONE-TIME Reservation FEE per person - 30 USD OR 1,500 PHP. There are 4 different options to pay:

Option 1: via Paypal or your Visa, Amex, or Mastercard in US Dollars (if your bank is in other currency, paypal will convert it automatically for you)

Option 2: via Paypal or your Visa, Amex, or Mastercard in Philippines Pesos.

Option 3: BPI or BDO Bank Transfer in Philippines Pesos.

Option 4: Western Union by contacting me at

STEP 3: Wait for your flight booking confirmation which will be sent to your email within 24 hours AFTER WE RECEIVE THE PAYMENT & YOUR FLIGHT REQUEST FORM.. Print it and it’s done! Stress and hassle free :)

If you don't get the flight booking after 24 hours, we will send you the full-refund. If applicable, you can also change the typo error of your name (not changing to other people's name), date of the flights and airports for 3 times, FREE OF CHARGE. Other than that, you need to pay for the full amount again.



1. For Your Visa Applications At ANY Embassy

Jonathan's British Passport and my Philippines Passport with our Yellow Fever vaccine card.

Jonathan's British Passport and my Philippines Passport with our Yellow Fever vaccine card.

Most Embassies especially countries in the Schengen Region requires an applicant to provide a proof of return flight ticket. You have to comply or risk that your visa will get rejected outright. There are even times that they won’t process it at all!

Rent-A-Flight Ticket Service: Your Legit and Confirmed “Dummy Ticket” For Visa Application & Onward Proof of Travel

Please also take note that they only need you to print and submit the copy of your CONFIRMED FLIGHT BOOKING with BOOKING /PNR number that they verify on their system whether you fully-paid it or not ; book it online or with a travel agency.

2.  For EMBASSIES As Proof Of Onward Travel or Return Flight Schedule

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!

Most of the countries that are  VISA-ON-ARRIVAL or VISA-FREE for Philippines passport holders require an onward flight ticket or a roundtrip ticket to ensure that you will not take advantage of their leniency and that you will not overstay and work illegally. When you actually enter the country for which you have applied then you will have to show a paid-for full ticket, not simply a reservation. This service is for your visa application process only. 

Just in case you don't know what are the different definition of visa are, read below:

  1. VISA-FREE means you can enter a country without a visa and stay for a particular period of time.
  2. VISA-ON-ARRIVAL means you receive a visa to enter the country at the airport where you land. No pre-application is required unless stated in their requirements. An immigration officer grants your visa when you show up and only after any associated visa fees have been paid.
  3. VISA-REQUIRED means you have to seek and apply for a visa in the embassy, consulate or approved travel partner before flying into the country of interest. A certain set of requirements may be required to aid in the decision regarding your grant. This may include documents that support your financial ability, medical condition, and previous travel history. More on this later.
  4. e-VISA means your visa application is done through the internet. There is no label, sticker, or stamp placed on your passport before travel. Your visa is on the immigration computer and is linked to your passport number. The following are some countries that issue e-Visa to eligible countries: Armenia, Bahrain, Australia, Cambodia, India, Kuwait, Myanmar, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

3. If You're From The Philippines, The EMBASSY OFFICIALS Usually Ask For This

"When are you returning home?" One of the first 5 questions that embassy officials will ask you.

To avoid Human Trafficking, Filipinos are usually asked to show their return flight. I understand the need for it because we are vulnerable to illegal work recruitment

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!


I know that getting a refundable ticket seems to be the best option for every traveler out there. But NOT ANYMORE with the Rent-A-Flight Ticket Reservation! Here’s why:

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!

1) It takes a lot of your precious time- The process of finding an airline with a flight reservation option together with the process of cancellation and getting your money back, not to mention a few but long phone calls with your bank take a whole lot of time.

2) There’s a risk of you forgetting to cancel it- and we all know what happens with some airlines when you don’t cancel it. You will be charged the full price. Goodbye, 500 USD and above!! :(

3) You will be asked to pay first- Some airlines could charge you the full price at first until you cancel it. That means a big chunk of your money stays with them for a while.

4) And for a while, I mean it could take weeks or even months- Assuming you remember to cancel it, you have to wait this long for your money to be returned to you! (YIKES!)

5) You wouldn’t get the full price back- Ever heard of bank charges? Yes. Some banks and airlines could charge you too!

6) This reservation is only valid for 24 hours- Unlike the Rent-A-Flight Ticket which is valid for up to three weeks (depending on the airline), self-booked reservation is valid only for 24 hours. So what happens if you suddenly have to cancel your visa interview? Then you go through the same process of looking and booking a flight again.


Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!

I am Kach Medina Umandap - Howe, a Proud Pinay traveler. I also went through the same hassle and nightmares like you especially when I was a newbie traveler. I was always anxious about getting a visa and passing through Immigration Officers (I know that exact feeling). It is absurd and I don’t want anyone to feel this way anymore, so I’m here to help! :) You can read my personal visa application experiences on the blog or here.

I already visited 100 countries across the 7 continents-- all with my Philippines Passport. Though my husband is British,  we are now bound to sail the world with our sailboat, S/V Empress which is the reason why we can't live in the UK which means I won't become a British citizen (this requires you to stay for 5 years in the UK). You can follow our sailing adventures at

You can also read featured stories about me and my journey with my husband below:

I've started as a backpacker in May 2013, started blogging about my trips since October 2014 and I am one of the founders of Two Monkeys Travel Group together with my husband, Jonathan Howe. I have gone through so many tedious visa processes and passed hundreds of Immigration Officers all over the world since then. I try to help other people by writing about Tourist Visa Processes Guide for countries such as USA, Schengen, East AfricaCanada, Croatia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Australia and a whole lot more! I also write about Travel Guides for countries like Cuba and our visit to the last continent of Antarctica. (I basically write about anything that could be helpful for travelers like me and other campaigns from our travel sponsors! hehe!)    

I already helped A LOT of people with their visa requirements with my Mentoring and Coaching Services and I’m proud to say that almost all of them got their visas approved! YAY!! I also do this mentoring and coaching for those want to learn about Sustainable Travel Lifestyle, Travel Blogging, Long-Term Traveling, Visa Coaching and my expertise is training new travelers or visa applicants to pass the USA Consulate Visa Interview etc.

Rent - A - Flight Ticket - Your Cheap & Best Solution for Visa Applications & Proof of Onward Flight Tickets!

Our little brown booklet which shows our identity and nationality may be considered weak but I’m a proof that it’s not impossible to be able to travel the world with it! Dreams do come true and I’m here to help you turn these dreams into reality!! ♡

Watch our Video below if you want to know about me/us:



Step 1:  Send your FLIGHT RESERVATION Request Details BELOW: 

We DON'T need your Passport # or your birthday.. you only have to give that information when you're about to check-in online for the flight. This case, you'll only need a confirmed flight reservation from a travel agency.

For visa applications purposes, we highly suggest you book our service 1 or 2 days before your visa appointment schedule and the ticket will be on hold for 3 weeks or so which is just enough time for the visa approval process.

Traveler's Name (Should Match Passport) *
Traveler's Name (Should Match Passport)
Departure Date: *
Departure Date:
Return Flight Date (if roundtrip ticket is requested)
Return Flight Date (if roundtrip ticket is requested)
Applicable for people applying for Tourist Visa esp for Schengen.
How Will You Pay? *
Please choose one.
You'll get a 5USD or 250 Philippines Pesos discount if you have the code.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Hold Period of 3 weeks or more depending on the Flight Schedule Request.
  • Free Automatic Cancellation.
  • Name Typo Error, Airport (Departure/ Arrival) and Date Changes can be made up to 3 times for FREE.

STEP 2: PAY THE $30 (USD) FEE or Php 1,500.00 (Philippines Pesos)

Payment Options:


If you have the discount code entered above, use the dropdown menu to get your $5USD / Php250 Pesos Discount
Rent-A-Flight-Ticket USD
Rent-A-Flight-Ticket - Philippines Pesos

OPTION 3: Bank Transfer - Philippines Only

If you have a discount code entered above, please only pay Php 1,250. If not, you have to pay Php 1,500.

Bank Name: Bank of the Philippines Island/BPI

Account Name: Katrina Medina Umandap

Account #: 9789604573

Bank Name: Banco de Oro/BDO

Account Name: Yvette Rebadulla

Account #: 001680331335

Option 4: Western Union

Please email at for details.


Confirmed Flight Booking will be sent to your email which will look like below. You can also see how it looks like on a PDF format, here. If you haven't received your flight booking confirmation AFTER 24 hours since you PAID, please contact me directly on our facebook page or email at


If there’s a mistake in your flight reservation, you should not worry because we can change it for up to 3 times - the airport, dates and your name spelling, for FREE.

Any questions, email me at


1) Is it better than booking the flight on my own?

Yes. Booking the flight on your own takes a lot of time. It involves a risk too such as forgetting to cancel the reservation and paying the price in full.

2) What are the risks of doing this?

There is ABSOLUTELY no risk. From the booking to the cancellation, we take charge of everything.

3) Is it recognized in all countries/embassies/immigration?

YES! It is a legitimate flight/booking confirmation so it is recognized worldwide.

4) Can I request a flight confirmation for any country?

Yes. We can book flights from several airlines in ALL countries across the globe.

5) When should I request for it?

You can request for it at least 24 hours before you need it. For visa applications purposes, we recommend that you book our service a couple of days before of your visa application, so that the ticket will be on hold for 3 weeks or so which is enough time for your visa to be processed!

6) When will I receive the booking confirmation?

You’ll receive it within 24  hours from the time of payment.

7) Where do you get the flight reservation?

We get it ONLY from our partner travel agency who book legitimate tickets from accredited airlines. You will get the name of the company after you pay the fees.

8) How much is it?

It’s only 30 USD or 1,500 Php per person! :)

9) Do I pay the full flight fee?

No. You only pay the Reservation Fees stated above. After the time of the hold period, it will be automatically cancelled for FREE.

10) Is this reservation fee refundable?

You’ll only get the refund if you don’t receive the Flight Booking Confirmation after 24 hours of waiting.

11) What if there’s a mistake on my flight reservation?

Don’t worry, you can change it for up to 3 times - the airport, dates and the spelling of your name.

Not changing the name from one person to another! (Don't be too cheeky!)

12) Can I make a reservation for somebody else?

Sure! Just indicate their personal details on the Flight Reservation Form.

13) Can I make a reservation for several countries?

Definitely! We book flights worldwide.

14) We are several people traveling, do I need to pay for each and everyone?

Yes. The price is a per person rate :p

15) I have a problem with my booking. What time will you be available to assist me?

My team is available 24/7 to attend to your concerns but I'm personally based in North America timezone. That’s including holidays and weekends :)

16) How can I be sure that I’m going to get my flight reservation?

We have a money back guarantee! If you don’t get your reservation within 24-hours you will definitely get your money back. And when you pay using PayPal, it’s guaranteed that you will be under Paypal Buyer Protection if you don’t get the reservation.

17) What are the modes of payment?

You can pay using your Paypal account, Amex, Visa, and Mastercard.

18) Do you offer discounts for group bookings?

Sorry but NO, this is already cheap. Haha!

19) Do you offer discounts for children/infants?

Sorry but NO, this is already cheap. Haha!

20) Can I book the full flight with the agency after I get the visa approval?

Yes you can do that directly with them or you can also contact me to help you look for cheap deals online!

21) I know a local travel agency who are charging less than your fees?

Okay, then book it with them! This service is only for people who don't know ANY travel agencies who are willing to do this kind of service.


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