How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

Croatia is a country perfect for an old soul. Here, you’ll find beautifully preserved architecture dating back as far as 500 BC and a lot of diverse museums which is home to thousand artifacts. It is bounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea which encompasses Croatia’s more or less 1,246 islands, isles and inlets.

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

With a Croatian Visa or your Schengen Visa, you can get to see this beautiful country. You’ll feel like you’re walking in memory lane as you stroll around the Dubrovnik Ancient City and Old Town. You’ll be captivated with the turquoise waters flowing from the towering waterfalls in Plitvice National Park. And for all the Game of Thrones fan out there (like me!)-- you can see the City of Meereen and King’s Landing right before your very eyes! I can go on and on about this but I know you’re dying to know how to get that visa! :)


Submission of requirements shall be done at VFS Global at Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Bldg., Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati City.

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

The standard visa processing time is 15 calendar days from the day of receipt of the application. In case the documents are not submitted as per requirements or due to other factors or justified reasons, the processing time may be extended to 30 or 60 days. So I suggest you get it at least 60 days before your flight but not exceeding 90 days.


All holders of a Valid Schengen Two or Multiple Entry Visa need not obtain a visa for Croatia. Also exempted are people with National Residence or Two or Multiple Entry Visa for Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus. Be it noted that the period of validity of the above mentioned Schengen, Bulgarian, Cypriot, and Romanian documents must cover the duration of the transit or stay. Click here for more details.


You can find the complete of documents here but you can read all the details below.

1. Visa Application Form.  This shall be filled out (truthfully and legibly) and signed by the applicant, or a parent or legal guardian on behalf of minors. This may also be filled out online at

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

2. Valid Passport: Valid for 3 months prior to the expiration of the intended visa to be obtained and must contain at least two empty pages. You also have to photocopy all valid and expired visas as well as your entry and exit stamps;

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

3. One passport size photo. This must comply to the photo specifications;

4. Travel health insurance. Must be with the minimum coverage of EUR 30 000. The insurance must be valid for the territory of the Republic of Croatia during the entire stay/travel in Croatia. 

5. Means of transportation and intention to return to the country of residence. This includes reservation of return travel ticket for airplane, bus, or boat, registration card and driver's license if travelling by car;  Read More: Our Guide on Refundable Flight Reservation

6. Proof of the purpose of stay in Croatia. This includes a paid tour package, hotel reservation,  day to day itinerary with ensured accommodation for the entire stay; and

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7. Proof of funds. This includes pay slip and/or bank account statements within the last three months, a pension slip, proof of scholarship received, land titles, car registration, etc. Read More: Our guide on SHOW MONEY


In addition to the primary documents as already stated above, the following should likewise be submitted to prove your status:

1. For students- Certificate of Enrollment, receipt, or any other proof that you are indeed studying.

2. For employees/Digital Nomads- Certificate of Employment, Income Tax Return, payslips, etc.

3. For those already retired- proof of pension.

4. For minors and persons deprived of legal capacity- visa application shall be submitted by a parent/legal representative, including: birth certificate of the minor (if parents are legal guardians); or decision of the competent body designating the legal guardian.

5. For entrepreneurs- Business Registration and ITR.

The Croatian Embassy may require you to submit additional supporting documents and/or certified translation as well as the international certification of the documents during the visa application process.

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport


STEP 1: Prepare ALL the documents stated above.

STEP 2: Submit your documents at the VFS Global at Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Bldg., Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati City from Monday-Thursday at 14:00-15:00. No need to book an appointment.

STEP 3: Pay for the total visa fees which is Php 6,660 for those above 12 y/o and Php 3,540 for children 12 y/o and below.

STEP 4: Attend an interview if they deem it proper and pray that you get your visa!


1) Do I need to have a ‘show money’?

Yes. The Embassy of Croatia is straightforward in how much you should have in your bank account: 70 EUR per day of the estimated stay in Croatia and 30 EUR per day of the estimated stay in Croatia if you are in possession proof of paid tourist package, or similar document.

2) Are there any other documents needed if a minor is traveling without a parent/legal guardian?

Yes. He/she must carry a notarized consent of a legal guardian that shall contain personal information of the parent/legal guardian and the purpose, the period and length of stay in Croatia, the period for which the consent is issued, and the signature of the parent/legal guardian.

3) Can I submit old documents?

No. The documents attached shall not be older than three months.

4) What if my visa gets denied?

You can always re-apply. But this time, make sure to determine all the red flags which caused the denial.

5) Is it necessary to submit my application personally?

Yes. However, if you obtained the services of an accredited travel agency, then that agency can submit the documents on your behalf. Documents of minors can also be submitted by his/her parent or legal guardian.

6) Is an interview mandatory?

No. However, they reserve the right to invite any visa applicant to be interviewed by a consular officer in person if such is considered necessary.

7) Can they require me provide additional documents?


8) Can I submit valid travel health insurance issued for the Schengen Area when applying for Croatian visa?

No. This is because the Republic of Croatia is not yet part of the Schengen Area. Your insurance must state that it is valid for the territory of Croatia, or Europe, or around the world. :)

9) What if there’s an error on my visa?

Return it back to the consulate as soon as you notice the error.

10) Is it advisable to avail of the services of a tour agency?

For me, it doesn’t make any difference if you avail of their services. I got ALL my visas without their assistance. I did it all by myself! Aside from being very expensive, it doesn’t guarantee the approval. It’s always up to you and the documents you have submitted that matters.

For more information, please visit the website of VFS Global Philippines. Their helpline is +63 2 790 4904 and email address is :) +63 2  4904

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

Please do note that the Visa Application Tips that I am posting are all for free. But if you need a little more assistance, I can give you a one-on-one travel coaching for a minimal fee-- it’s a lot cheaper than getting it through a travel agency. Together, we can go through your documents, fill in what’s missing, practice for the interview, and work together for you to get that visa!

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Croatia With Your Philippines Passport

Despite all the visa application challenges with my Philippines Passport, I did everything on my own and I’m now on the way to my 100th country-- so I’m sure you can trust me with this one!

Book an appointment now and learn more about it here!

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