Miracle: Our Story of Surviving Hurricane Irma in Marathon, Florida Keys

Extremely happy today to finally see our sailboat, S/V Empress!! ❤️

It's been a life-changing week, I believe that it's God's way of putting things into perspective after surviving the biggest Hurricane ever-recorded in the United States!


The most important thing now is that I'm with my husband, we're both healthy, we still have our "home" and now ready to pursue our dream of sailing around the world. We know there are more challenges that life will throw to us and to teach us new lesson.. for now, all I want is peace of mind and just quietness that's why we'll be out there in the Ocean! ❤️

Photo by  Cayobo  CC BY 2.0

Photo by Cayobo CC BY 2.0


Our Empress survived the Category 4 Hurricane Irma (it's like Yolanda if you will compare how strong it was in the Philippines), only less than 65 boats out of 225 boats in our marina remained floating while the others sunk, gone missing and totally wrecked!


I'm really sad for our neighbors and friends but grateful for this miracle. I believe that everything happens for a reason. 😍


Jonathan found some marks on our port side (left side) and he said that another boat went on top of Empress that broke all of our railings and window.. but Empress fought for herself and stayed!! 😇 


We spoke with the people here who experienced and stayed during the Hurricane and they've said it was the scariest and loudest wind they ever experienced and it also flooded which damaged a lot of houses! The eye of the hurricane was a direct hit on Florida Keys!😭


Anyway, Jonathan and I decided to leave in less than a month time to go start sailing to Central America. We still have to fix the minor damages that Empress have and also our engine, electricity and to buy those important gear for the boat (they are really expensive 🙈 but we have to do it!)


Thank you again for all the prayers, it worked miraculously! 🙏 Visualization works and I know that the old owner who is now in heaven looked after Empress (he owned Empress since 1984 before he died 4 months ago just 3 days before we bought Empress)! (Don't worry Ric, we're taking care of the love of your life!) ☝️


P.S. I failed on my vegan challenge last week, ended up eating some meat and seafood.. stress eating! Lol!! 😂😂

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