How Philippines Passport Holder Can Get A Schengen Tourist Visa From The German Embassy In Cebu and Manila

Germany is one of the most progressive and successful countries in Europe and being located right in the heart of central Europe, it is the perfect starting point to any European vacation or extended tour.

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Visit its capital and see the historical Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Porte de Brandebourg, Cathedrale de Berlin, and a whole lot more. See for yourself the famous museums in the Museum Island (yes, it’s an island right in the city!). If you have time, go out of Berlin and head on to Heidelberg, a charming city right in front of the River Neckar. The City of Bonn (one of the oldest cities in Germany) is also a crowd favorite.

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The thing is, you have so many things to do here and I’m sure you’d love to stay here longer (in case you’re traveling to other countries). Not only that, it is cheaper compared to other Schengen Countries and the locals are very friendly. Anyway, here’s how Philippines Passport Holders can apply for a Schengen Visa at the German Embassy in the Philippines.


1. Those who will solely be visiting Germany as a tourist in the Schengen Area;

2. Those who will be traveling around the Schengen Area but will be staying in Germany for the longest duration; or

3. Those whose point of entry is in Germany, if traveling to other Schengen Countries in equal duration.



1. Online Visa Application Form completely filled out and signed by the applicant;

2. One current biometric passport picture

3. Original Passport and one photocopy which must be valid for another three months after end of travel and must have two empty pages (note that Immigration Officers require it to be 6 months);

4. Cover Letter  providing the details of your trip;

5. Confirmed onward ticket (not necessarily paid, our Rent-A-Flight service of $30 is useful for this) of your entire trip in the Schengen Area;

6. If invited by someone based in Germany: An informal invitation letter by the host indicating the host's exact address of residence, the purpose of travel and the full duration of travel and stay;

7. Hotel-voucher or confirmation of the hotel/guest house that the accommodation has already been paid for;

8. Bank Statement(s) for the last 6 months;

9. Proof of Economic Status which could be:

If employed: Proof of employment (ITR, COE, Approved Leave of Absence)  

If self-employed: Proof of registration and commercial activity of the company (ITR, Bank certificates, company accounts, etc.)       

If you are a student: Proof of enrollment such as Certificate of Enrollment and School ID       

Other documents: Real Estate Title, Condominium Certificate of Title, Car Registration, etc., if applicable.


STEP 1: Collect all the documents stated above and make sure you have a photocopy of each.

STEP 2: Book an appointment at VFS Global either in Manila or Cebu. They are the one outsourced by the German Embassy to collect all applicants’ documents and biometrics.  

STEP 3: Go to your scheduled appointment, submit your documents, and pay for the visa fee.

STEP 4: Wait for the results and pray that you get your visa!

How Philippines Passport Holder Can Get A Schengen Tourist Visa From The German Embassy In The Philippines


1) How much is the Visa Fee?

  • For adults- Php 3,550 (60 Euros)

  • For children 6-12 y/o- Php 2,070 (35 Euros)

  • For children below 6 y/o or spouse of a German/EU National- Free

2) How much is the Processing Fee?

It’s Php 960 and this is paid on top of the Visa Fee.

3) How long can I stay with the short-term visa?

90 days maximum.

4) When should I apply for the visa?

You can apply 90 days before the intended departure and not earlier.

5) How long is the processing time?

If the Consulate of Germany doesn’t find anything wrong with the documents, then you can get the decision within 5 days from the date of application.

6) We’re traveling in a group. Do we all need to book separate appointments?

Yes. Individual appointment is necessary.

7) Can I track the progress of my visa application?

Sure, you can track it here.

8) How can I get my passport back?

You can either pay an additional fee for the courier service or go there yourself once your passport is scheduled for release.

9) Can somebody else collect my passport on my behalf?

Sure. Just make sure that he/she has your receipt and Letter of Authority together with his ID and photocopy thereof.

10) Is an interview mandatory?

Not necessarily but you may be called for an interview at the Embassy in case they see something wrong with your documents or they want some clarification with the purpose of your stay.

11) What should be stated in the Certificate of Employment?

It must include the employer's full name, complete address, telephone number with area code, details regarding the position, income, employment duration   

12) Do I need to submit a Cover Letter?

Yes, it is required. If you need any help, Jon offers a Personalized Cover Letter Writing and he’s so good at it!

13)  Do I need to pay for my flight for the visa application?

No. Only a CONFIRMED BOOKING is required. No need to pay for it yet. Our Rent-A-Flight Service is the best for this. For just 1,500 Pesos, you can get a LEGITIMATE and CONFIRMABLE booking.

14) What company do you recommend for the insurance?

AXA Schengen! The best thing about them is they will completely refund your payment in case your visa doesn’t get approved.

15) My visa is rejected! What remedy do I have?

You can either file a Remonstrance Letter or file another application from another EU Embassy (but please avoid Embassy hopping!). Click here to view full remedies in case of visa denial and what you can do to avoid it. Check here on how to write the letter, read our detailed guide here.

For more information, visit the VFS Global Website.