Hello guys! It's our First Webinar Series on our FB Page about SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL LIFESTYLE and some FAQ Questions about our life! HA!

Come join me and feel free to share/tag your friends! Comment below from where you are and your questions! For replay viewers, it's unexpectedly a long video so feel free to fast forward to some parts that interest you! 😬

Today's topics:

* Long Term Traveler vs Expats vs OFW vs Short Holiday Tourists
* Common Traveler Misconceptions
* How can I become a backpacker? Read the 50 Tips to Travel Cheaply article!
* How much money do you need to start a Long-Term Travel Lifestyle
* How to find FREE Volunteering opportunities? (NEVER PAY those EXORBITANT FEES!)
* How can I become a travel blogger? How can I earn money from travel blogging? Read our article!

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