Sailing Life Day 344: Happy weekend everyone! 😍

How's everything? Been busy on the boat but the best news is that we finally have a flight booking back to Europe and the cats are going to fly with us in the cabin.. just have to make sure to put them on a diet so will not be overweight for the restriction! 😍

From sailing, to flying and to roadtrips (and sailing again) with our sailor cats ⛵️🦁🐯

I also spent my morning paddleboarding so I can get exercise while Jonathan goes running (I don't like running 🤣) then preparing the boat for sale aside from organizing documents for our relocation! 😍

Love love watching the sunset and sunrise here and I also saw some turtles swimming around the boat.. just waiting for Jonathan to return so we can go snorkeling to the nearby island! ⛵️💋

Have a great week ahead!!😘