Sailing Life Day 347: Hitchhiking in Salinas 😂

Yesterday, Jonathan and I were so busy running errands as we're planning to relocate to Europe soon so we have to ship some of our stuff.. can't believe how much things we have now.. from nomadic life to having owning things that we don't use! So now doing the Marie Kondo style of choosing what we need and what to give away 😂😂

We had to buy shipping boxes and sadly there are no taxis or bus here in this small town.. we ended up hitchhiking with the police car who are so nice to us and even agreed to have a selfie with us 😂😂

At night, we hangout with our new local friends here and now have more gatherings arranged while we're here! yay! 💋😘

Sailing Life Day 346 Hitchhiking in Salinas 3.jpg