Get Fresh Air Everyday With Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier [Product Review]

After that unfortunate incident in Pakistan where our car crashed which caused a bone on my ankle to break, I was taken straight to the hospital-- all while crying, sobbing, shaking and everything in between. I was so confused at that moment. It seems like one second I was asleep, and then the next I was at the brink of death. 

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Fast forward, I stayed for a few days in a hospital in Pakistan where I was well taken care of. After I was cleared for discharge and travel, I flew straight to Bangkok to be with my family. One of the things I had to do was to go to BNH Hospital to meet a specialist which my Insurance Company Safety Wing arranged for me.  

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It was there that I found out that I had a Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture and that I needed to have surgery as soon as possible. Another thing that I found out is that I am allergic to one of the medicines that they gave me in Pakistan and that I am highly allergic to cats, dust, molds, pollen, etc.

But we have two cats at home! HAHA!

My doctor suggested that aside from taking antihistamines and not to let our cats sleep on the bed (which I already do), I should also get an air purifier. 

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After searching high and low through all the pages in Amazon and going through each of the products’ reviews, I have finally found the perfect air purifier which is the one from Levoit


  • You Can Use Your Smartphone As A Remote Control- I hate how remote controls go mysteriously missing at home and as much as possible, I don’t want to have my air purifier to be controlled by only that. (Did you know that a remote control replacement costs a lot too?! Here’s a clue: Dyson’s Air Purifier Replacement Remote).

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Good thing Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier can be controlled by our smartphones using the VeSync App. With this, you can control your air purifier to set a schedule, monitor the air quality, set a timer, change the mode, turn off the LED display, etc. 

  • It Is Compatible With Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT-  We can now power this air purifier without even lifting a finger. This is perfect for me since I won’t be able to move a lot until I fully recover! 

  • There’s A Schedule & Timer- You can also create a customized schedule to automatically turn on and off the air purifier no matter on which date, which period or under which mode. Now, we don’t have to worry about whether we’ve locked the doors, closed the windows or turned off our air purifier when we’re out on a trip (yes, we’re anxious like that sometimes)! 

  • Smart Filter Life- Using a Smart Scientific Algorithm,  this air purifier can calculate the real filter life according to the filter's situation and not just depending on how long we used it. What I love about it is you can also check it on the VeSync App.  I’m sure an air filter in Manila is dirtier than a filter used in Siquijor even if it was used within the same period, right?? 

  • Higher Efficiency For Large Room- We’re living in a 2-bedroom Penthouse and as much as possible, I want something which can be efficient with the size of our apartment. With Levoit’s Honeycomb active carbon HEPA filter, the purifying efficiency is 30% higher and purify speed is 30% faster than other ordinary filters. This makes it perfect for medium and large rooms! 

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  • It’s Quiet As Rustling Leaves- My husband and I are both suckers for peace and quiet and there’s no way we would get something which would disrupt that. This air purifier has a noise level of only 27 dB! It also has a sleep mode which guarantees we get a good night's sleep.

  • Energy Star & CARB Certified- This air purifier meets the strict requirements of Energy Star & CARB and is considered to be energy-efficient, and quality-assured.

  • It Has 3 Powerful Filters- This removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander. We have 2 cats and we badly need a filter this much! I love our cats and there’s no way I’d give them away just to get better. 

  • Air Quality Monitor- With this feature, we can get real-time feedback on the quality of the surrounding air. Now I’ll know how dirty my cats are! Just kidding :p 

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Overall, Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier is a very good product and I recommend it better than any excessively priced air purifiers in the market. It has all that we are looking for in an Air Purifier and it does the job perfectly well. You’ll see by how the filters will look after several months of use!

Now, I can enjoy the company of Captain Ahab and Zissou without worrying about my allergies. I love them to bits and there’s no way I won’t cuddle with them. Haha!

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