Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Survived a horrible car accident in Pakistan!

I survived a horrible car accident in North of Pakistan but I can’t wait to return to this beautiful country!

I was initially hesitant to post what happened to me but accidents do happen and no one would know why and when.. this is a long post. I DON’T want you to be scared and discourage you to travel as this can happen anywhere even when you’re not traveling.. This situation only made me realize and appreciate how many good people are there in the world.. This time I experienced the goodness of Pakistani people and I can’t wait to go back next year. I will post more photos of the beautiful Pakistan on my other daily blog, Two Monkeys Sailing - Mr&MrsHowe Blog.

As you guys know, I was on a 2 month solo travels in Central Asia and already visited Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Qatar and few days ago I arrived in Pakistan which I think has the most beautiful scenery that I’ve seen on this trip. I’ve been on a quest to visit every country in the world using my Philippines passport and Pakistan was my 135th country so traveling to off-the-beaten destinations (even on my own) is not new to me.

It was lunchtime last Sunday (July 28), I was sat at the front passenger seat (left side as it’s a right-hand vehicle) of the white car I’ve been using for this tour.. We’re driving back to Hunza Valley after taking some photos of the border point of China- Pakistan and some other attractions, we started the trip at 6am.. I took a nap maybe 10 minutes before when I suddenly woke up because of a loud sound and a very painful impact (like something punched my chest so hard).

I realized it was my airbag and I then felt that my left foot was stuck in our crashed car.. maybe due to adrenaline rush, I was able to pull myself out of the car while staring beside my unconscious driver bleeding with a lot blood. I wanted to help him but I was also so confused about the situation. I was not able to walk properly and went beside the road, still no one out there until the people from the other car came out and helped me and I saw my guide, Saleem, who was also injured esp because of the airbag who was trying to get out of the car but he was on the backseat and not wearing a seatbelt so he used his hands that are now injured to hold himself durinh the crash. He forgot all of his pain and assisted me.. I wasn’t bleeding but my foot was in so much pain and I couldn’t also move my neck and having a hard time breathing because of my chest. Thank God, I was wearing a seatbelt and my driver wasn’t so he’s in much more serious situation. Glad we hit the other car and not the cemented wall or crashed inside the tunnel.

15 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and assisted me, our unconscious driver and the guide for first aid treatment. It took another 20 minutes drive to the small center to check everything. Then, we took another 3 hours drive to go to Hunza City to get my xray and for me to call Jonathan and my parents.

Actually, there’s a surprise birthday party set up at my hotel by my tour operator but unfortunately, I was not able to celebrate because of the accident. I was conscious and not vomiting so I know I’m not in danger but still have to do xray for my chest, neck and spine (I think just whiplash because of the seatbelt that protected me).

I really wanted to go to Islamabad immediately so I can see a proper hospital (there are also options in the province) but there are no flights available from the Gilgit region as there’s only limited flight so they eventually hired a new car (Pajero) that would let us drive overnight in the Karakoram Highway so I could reach the hospital that my father told me to go to in Islamabad and my late night flight the next day to Bangkok (pre-booked) so we drove from 5pm to 6am.. I was so nervous because there were so many landslides as it is monsoon season now. I know it would take more than 24 hours driving or else I should wait for days until there’s a seat availability on the flight. I took the risk again.

We reached the city of Besham then the owner (Shoukhat Khan) of the Besham Continental Hotel drove me thru Swat Valley to reach Islamabad (it took almost 23 hours driving in total!! ). I was welcomed by the staff of Kulsum International Hospital and some Filipinos that my father contacted thru his Filipino community group abroad - AKO OFW Inc. Pakistan Chapter.

One of the member’s employer is the former Senator / Minister and is also the owner of the hospital so I was able to get a very special attention and they quickly did my check up and learned I didn’t need CT scan and only X-rays for my spine, chest, neck and my ankle. All were cleared and the doctor said I only have Distal Tibial fracture on my left foot so they put a temporary cast with cement (pop as what the nurse said) because it’s still getting swollen.

I dealt with all of these with my guide/ tour operator, Saleem, beside me and who assisted me all throughout the process while being in touch with my husband. Worse could happen but I really do believe in miracles!

Thanks to Ate Helen, Vergie and Jane who assisted me at the Emergency Room and even brought clothes for me to use and food to eat since I haven’t properly eaten since the other day. Salamat po talaga. ❤️💋

But who I can’t stop thanking is Saleem of Hunza Trek & Tours who is also injured but took care of me until I boarded my flight for Thailand. I also want to share that the Pakistani people are genuinely good and caring especially the locals in Hunza Valley, the ladies who carried me to move from one place to another while crying and praying for me, the father and business partner of my tour host, the other two drivers who drove me immediately to Islamabad and to all the locals that I met. ❤️ I may be physically fit and only a little injured but still having flashbacks... I know I can get over this. Thank you as well to my travel insurance company, SafetyWing, who immediately assisted Jonathan for my situation.

Thank you, Lord! My mom told me they were at the church when the accident happened and my grandma is actually offering a prayer for my birthday. Iba talaga malakas kay God.

I also still believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m still alive and about to celebrate my 31st birthday tomorrow. I know that there’s a purpose of why this happened on this chapter of my life.😍

P.S. Now, I have to cancel my Bhutan and Bangladesh trip and currently waiting to change my cemented cast to fiberglass in Thailand before I fly back to London. The best thing is that my mom, grandma, siblings (Krista and Jose) and my team surprised me and now with me in Bangkok. I can’t wait to go home to Jonathan and my 2 cats.❤️

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