13 Comfortable Travel Shoes - For Backpacking, Hiking & Sailing

For me, traveling is 20% flying and 80% walking (but nowadays it's 50% sailing - 50% adventure activities). You have to walk in order to experience a foreign place. You have to walk to the market, stroll along the streets, lounge by the beach, and hike through their mountains in order to get a legitimate experience of a place and to meet wonderful people along the way. It is certainly the best way to explore the city and the neighborhood. But more often than not, too much walking leaves us pain on our soles and our back that we feel like we don’t want to get up from our hotel’s bed the next day.

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12 Best Travel Cameras For Sailing, Vlogging or Just Backpacking

Capturing an instagrammable photo is probably on everyone’s travel itinerary. Well, it’s the trend now especially for millennials where social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube rule the web. Having that perfect instagram photo is a lot more convenient when using our mobile phones because of the fact that editing apps are already there. But if you want to take it to a higher level, then a travel camera could be your perfect travel companion.

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