12 Best Travel Cameras For Sailing, Vlogging or Just Backpacking

Capturing an instagrammable photo is probably on everyone’s travel itinerary. Well, it’s the trend now especially for millennials where social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube rule the web. Having that perfect instagram photo is a lot more convenient when using our mobile phones because of the fact that editing apps are already there. But if you want to take it to a higher level, then a travel camera could be your perfect travel companion.

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

But when every camera out in the market seems to be competitive, which one should you buy? It could be pretty hard to decide, right? Especially when you only get one chance to buy it because once you open the package, it’s a done deal. There’s no more turning back!

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

I’m here to help you decide which travel camera will suit you! Mind you, I am not a photographer and I’m not here to give you an expert advice. I’m not here to discuss about the nitty gritty details-- let’s leave that to the experts! Haha. I’m writing this from the point of view of a traveler and a social media user like you :)

1. Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: The yayamanins like me (char only) at sa mga ayaw ng pabigat! (The rich kids and the one who doesn’t like carrying bulks of things)

Why I think it’s nice: It is compact and lightweight, perfect to carry around without having to compromise so much space in your bag or without having to strain your neck. And by light-weight, I mean that it’s only 1.5 lbs. with the 35mm lens. WOW! It has a very good photo quality that is crisp and vibrant. Aside from that, I really love the Fujifilm X-T2's Film Simulation mode which allows you to enjoy different color tones and rich gradations as if you’re actually swapping films (but you don’t need to wait for days to have it developed. Yay!).

Amazon price: Starts at $1,340.33

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8+ With Self Shot Mirror

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Sa mga ma-art na tao at sa mga taong may pambili ng film (For the creative people who loves scrapbooking and for those who can afford a pricey film)

Why I think it’s nice: There are people who love having tangible memories like photographs. They prefer having it printed out than storing it on their phone or uploading it in social media. I think it’s a really cute camera with a very cute film that is printed out in a matter of minutes. I also like the fact that you can customize right then and there with pen, clips, and washi tapes :)

What I don’t like about it: The $14 film for 10 prints is pretty expensive.

Amazon price: Starts at $79.95

3. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II  

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: The tipid mode pero pinagipunan talaga ang camera. (Those who are on a budget but wants a superior quality camera)

Why I love it: Aside from being affordable compared to other brands in the market, Canon already proved itself through the years so you’ll definitely get an excellent quality camera and photos worthy of the brand. It’s easy to use so you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the most out of the settings. It combines exhilarating speed and performance with a smart, compact design. Another thing is that it is wi-fi enabled so you can easily transfer photos to your phone. The 1080p Full HD video is recorded at 60 fps with stereo sound in convenient MP4 format that makes the outcome very realistic :)

Amazon Price: Starts at $649.99

4. GoPro Hero 6 Black

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Your neighbor na buwis buhay ang trip. Yung mga taong ayaw ng istorbo at mas bet ang solo travel. (For the adventurous soul. For those who prefer solo travel)

Why I love it: I believe we all love GoPro because it is really small, light-weight, and it’s something you can take up to the sky and down underwater. It’s an all-around camera which captures every scenic background because of its wide angle lens. It’s also perfect for the solo traveler since it’s easy to take your perfect shot with a selfie stick and the built-in wifi. We all know how it works so mananahimik na ako haha!

What I don’t like about it: I’ve been reading reviews and I must say that I’m pretty torn on this one because of the bug issues. Nevertheless, there are a lot of positive reviews and I have trust in the excellent GoPro customer service.

Amazon Price: Starts at $497

5. Leica V-Lux 20mp Digital Camera

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: The yayamanins ulit cos afford na afford nila to! (For the rich kids again like me in my dreams hahaha)

Why I love it: I’ve been reading tons of good reviews about this camera. Sometimes, taking photos can be quite tiring especially when you have to change lens, batteries, and SD cards every now and then. Leica takes pride in the fact that this camera can cover every situation from wide-angle, standard, and telephoto photography to macro close-ups down to a distance of only 3 cm. There is also a Leica app which connects the camera straight to your phone.

Amazon Price: Starts at $1,247.95

6. Nikon Coolpix L32

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: The chikitings at sa mga hindi techie, yung tipong pindot lang ng pindot ang trip nila. (For a kid who loves taking photos and for someone who isn’t a techie)

Why I love it: It’s cheap but the quality isn’t compromised. It fits in the pocket too! It’s perfect for kids who love taking photos and also for old people who aren’t really techie. It’s a very good point and shoot camera, literally.

What I don’t like about it: It runs on AA batteries!

Amazon Price: Starts at $94.95

7. Sony Alpha a6000

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Sa mga baguhan at mga batikan. Pantay pantay lang tayo dito pls. (For beginners and pros alike)

Why I love it: This camera has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from 1,288 verified reviews (as of the time of writing) in Amazon and I am really impressed with the photos and the reviews that the users are sharing. I couldn’t really share much as these users have provided beyond excellent and in-depth reviews. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself! :)

Amazon Price: Starts at $498

8. Nikon D3300

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Yung mga ready na mag seryoso (sa photography). (For those who want to start taking photography seriously)

Why I love it: The life-like quality photos that it produce with its XPEED 4 lets you shoot at high speeds up to 5 frames per second, shoot in low light with high ISO sensitivity, create high-resolution panoramas and much more will definitely make you want to take more of those treasured shots. It is small and lightweight compared to all other SLR in the market but it is nevertheless a powerful HD-SLR. It is said to be the perfect DSLR for beginners.

Amazon price: Starts at $501.09

9. Panasonic Lumix FZ80  

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Yung mga bet mag wildlife photography. Para din sa mga wala pa masyadong budget to invest in a high-end camera. (Wildlife photographers and those in a tight budget)

Why I love it: If you’re someone who loves outdoors especially wildlife photography, then this one's for you! The 60x to 270x zoom in capability with the same crystal clear image is really amazing. Another good feature is that you can still take photos while taking a video-- yes, at the very same time! Just press the shutter while you’re filming! Talk about multi-tasking, huh? In addition to all the crazy features, the price is perfect for a compact camera! You really don’t have to break the bank to get a good one :)

Amazon price: Starts at $347.99

10. Sony DSCW800 Digital Camera

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Yung friend mong hindi talaga maka achieve ng matinong shot. Mas simpleng camera e mas bongga ang shot nila. (For everyday use. For those who just needs a basic point and shoot camera)

Why I love it: While everyone is so into the latest gadget out there, some people just want a simple point and shoot camera that they can take whenever wherever. This one is a perfect companion for those days that you just don’t feel like doing extra. It produces beautifully detailed images. The Steady Shot Image Stabilization feature reduces blur thereby giving you an image with superb quality. The Sweep Panorama mode could also give you a 360-degree shot by just clicking and sweeping the camera in your desired direction. The best part is-- it’s less than a hundred dollar!

Amazon price: Starts at $89.53

11. Nikon KeyMission 80 Full HD Action Camera

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Yung mga buwis buhay din ang trip pero wala pang pampuhunan sa GoPro. (Those who doesn’t have a budget to buy a GoPro yet)

Why I love it: It is t's waterproof down to 3.4-feet, freezeproof to 14°F and shockproof from drops up to 4.9-feet-- so you can take it anywhere. It records outstanding 1080p videos and captures 12-megapixel photos. With the SnapBridge app installed on your phone, photos are automatically transferred to your smart device via wifi or bluetooth as they're taken, making it easy to review, edit and share your photos in the moment.

Amazon price: Starts at $276.94

12. Nikon KeyMission 170

12 Best Travel Cameras For 2018

Perfect for: Sa beshy mong adventurous din.

Why I love it: It's waterproof down to 33-feet, freezeproof to 14°F, shockproof up to a drop of 6.6-feet and resistant to dust and grit. Upon reading verified reviews, most people say that the video and image quality of this camera is way better than a GoPro Hero 5 Black. The color is more realistic and the image seems to be sharper. The bluetooth and wifi sharing feature with the SnapBridge app is also good.

Amazon price: Starts at $239.99

I hope I was able to help you decide one way or another! As a final note, I suggest that you ask yourself what you need it for: Is it for your hobby, for photography, for instagram, for your adventures? Start from there and take your time. Go through the stalls in the mall and don’t be shy to test it first. Read unbiased and verified reviews. If you have friends who own the camera that you’re eyeing for, ask if you can borrow for a couple of days and see if you’re comfortable with it. Remember, there’s no rush! Soon, you’ll have the camera you’ve always wanted and if you take your time to choose what you want and need, it’s going to be worth it ❤

P.S. If you’re buying a camera worth more than $500, make sure to keep it safe throughout your trip with a travel insurance! Remember, it’s always better to be protected than dejected :)

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