Litter Robot : That One Thing Every Busy Cat Mommy Needs!

Being a cat meowmy, a full-time blogger, and a travel coach who just moved to Europe, you’ll be surprised at how little time I really have for myself,  much less to change the cat litter. While you could be forgiven for thinking that we just travel and have fun all day, there’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes. So while I absolutely adore and love our cats, the time spent changing cat litter and cleaning all the associated mess could be much better spent on coaching calls and website work. Luckily we found the Litter Robot, an automatic, self-cleaning litter box that really works. Now, cleaning the litter box will be the last of my concern!


While the term “robot” could overwhelm you with images of walking, talking cleaning machines, how it works is actually brilliantly simple thanks to some clever engineering! Once your cat is done doing his deed and exits the robot, a timer counts down which will allow the litter time to clump. Thereafter, it slowly rotates separating the clump from the clean litter. The clump then goes straight to a carbon filtered drawer below and then the robot returns to its original position, with only the clean litter on show. The robot will indicate when it’s time to empty the drawer. It’s THAT simple!


The latest version, Litter Robot 3, comes at a price at $449 and if you’re thinking that’s an expensive litter tray, just think of it this way:

If you only clean your normal litter tray 1 time per day, in just 3 years you avoid that dirty job more than a thousand times. 1095 to be exact unless there’s a Leap Year!

The very busy cat owner - Having a 9-5 job is tough and coming home to a smelly and dirty house could make things tougher. With this robot, you’ll never worry about how dirty or smelly your apartment will be while you’re in the middle of an important meeting :)

Multiple Cat Households - The more cats you have, the more and more the Litter Robot makes sense. In a 2 cat house, the litter tray needs to be cleaned at least twice per day to avoid serious smells. It’s a good thing our Litter Robot can easily handle the daily business of 4 cats!

The Travelling Cat Owner - One of the best things about cats is that they are more self-reliant than other pets, so you can actually leave them home alone for a couple of days with enough food and water, or by asking a friend to check in on them. With a Litter Robot you don’t have to ask your friend to clean the litter tray or worry about it overflowing while you’re away!


1) It’s very easy to use - Just plug it in, add the litter, and then it’s good to go! The next thing you have to do is to clean the drawer when indicated. There are no special skills involved to make it work. If you can read and notice a light flashing once in a while, you’re qualified!

2) It doesn’t smell - Because the waste is sifted within minutes to a container, it reduces the smell so much that you wouldn’t even know that we have cat litter around in the house! The fully enclosed carbon-filtered drawer is designed to greatly reduce the smell. It’s amazing!

3) It’s comfortable enough for our 2 cats - I was actually hesitant at first if they will use it since it looks very different from their usual cat litter but to our surprise they jumped straight in without a second thought. We’ve even seen them trying to climb in there at the same time, possibly for emotional support!

4) No more dirty and smelly paws - Because they always have fresh litter, there’s no more risk of them stepping in their own mess, which was a frequent issue with the old litter tray. This is such a life saver because no one enjoys cleaning cat poo paw prints, no matter how much they love their kitties!

5) It is suitable for up to 4 cats - We only have 2 cats, but the Litter Robot is easily good enough for 4. This is not a reason for us to get more cats, so Jonathan keeps telling me!

6) There’s a money back guarantee of 90 days - If you or your purr-babies are not happy with the robot for any reason, then you have 90 days within which you can send back the robot and get your money back. To us, that shows that they have a lot of faith in their product!

7) They have an 18-month warranty - The people behind Litter Robot acknowledge that mistakes could happen on their part or yours. Hence, they cover all parts, labor, and shipping costs (within the contiguous 48 United States) within the 18-month period. Note that customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico will incur additional shipping costs.


1) Is it true that you can connect it to your mobile phone using wifi?

Yes, but only with the Litter Robot 3 Connect. For just $499, you can connect it to your Apple mobile devices with iOS 9.0 or greater and Android mobile devices 6.0 or greater.  This will allow you to view the waste drawer level, get notifications, troubleshoot, and see complete usage history for insights into your cat's health.

2) Will my cat be afraid to hop in the robot?

Cats are investigative in nature and they will surely want to explore what Litter Robot is about. Just put it n the same place as his old cat litter and once he’s inside and feels the litter under his paws, he will know what to do.

In case he doesn’t want to use it, you can freely return the robot within 90 days of purchase for a refund. The shipping fee will be shouldered by you, of course.

3) Can kittens use the Litter Robot?

Sure, but make sure it is in a “semi-automatic” mode. It is not recommend that kittens or cats that weigh 5 pounds or less use the Litter-Robot in the unattended automatic mode because their low weight may not activate the cat sensor.

4) How much litter do I need to put in the globe?

8-10 pounds of litter will do, until it meets the raised fill line on the black rubber globe liner when spread flat.

5) What happens if my cat enters the globe while it’s rotating?

The Litter-Robot will stop immediately. The cat sensor will detect your cat (by weight) and turn off the motor.

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