The Best Backpacks for First-time Backpackers

Now, more than ever, traveling has become very accessible to a lot of people, with airlines competing to provide  the cheapest flights on the market, countries investing more on tourism, and apps such as Klook helping us score great deals, traveling nowadays can be affordable without sacrificing comfort. More recently, a lot of people have shown interest in the backpacking style of traveling. It is not surprising though because it is fun and gives you the happy-go-lucky vibe that carries with it a sense of freedom.

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But if you are still in the process of jumpstarting your adventure (i.e. first time backpackers), one important aspect of backpacking that you need to consider is, yes, your backpack. This piece of human invention will be your everything while you’re on your crazy wild adventure of a trip so it is best not to underestimate the importance of investing and finding the perfect backpack for you.


In my opinion, there are two things that you must consider before purchasing your first backpack, that is the size and whether you are a light, mid, or an over-packer. With regard to size, you have to check whether the size is perfect vis-a-vis your body frame and vis-a-vis the amount of stuff you could fit in it. Sizes of backpacks vary from 30, 40, 50, to 60 liters.

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If you happen to be the type of backpacker who packs light for trips then the 30 Liters size backpacks might suit you (depending on how many days your packing for). This size is perfect for a an overnight trip or even a weekender (for extremely light packers). Fits overhead hand-carry compartments on planes.


Standard Luggage

One of the brands that I have reviewed before and has since trusted is Standard Luggage. The Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack is a 35L bag is so extra that you can literally add another *extra* 10L to it by just expanding the bag! Made from 1680 denier high tenacity ballistic nylon, the bag comes with lifetime warranty and the brand ships WORLDWIDE FOR FREE. The brand boasts of a 3-in-1 style of backpack, suitcase and shoulder bag and water-resistant exterior. Told ya its *extra*. 


This is a popular brand of backpack and that is for a reason. Their 30L Subterra bags come in slick designs with compartments for daaaaays! Made from 800D Nylon, this bag’s laptop compartment is padded and has built-in PowerPocket which keeps cords inside your bag organized and tangle-free.


My impression of Fresion’s Luggage Backpack is that it is very unassuming. Don’t judge its plain exterior as this backpack is made from polyester membrane fabric, is water resistant and… wait for it… is packing NINETEEN POCKETS!!! Crazy, right? In addition to all that, this bag is equiped with a usb plug and special pocket for your powerbank for when you’re on a long hike and no electric outlet in sight.


The Best Backpacks for First-time Backpackers.jpg

These bags come in versatile designs which you can use for extreme backpacking trips or those laid-back, chill trips. They can handle the rough conditions of rain, snow and dust yet maintain slick exterior. If you are in for a long trip which would require more clothes and equipment to carry, you can check out their bigger sizes, or you can check other brands too, such as:

Happy backpacking!