How Philippines Passport Holder Can Apply For A Tourist Visa To Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the world. However, because of modern technology where the internet is bombarded by information from travel bloggers, we now know better. We now know how beautiful and majestic this country truly is.

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It is home to several UNESCO Heritage Sites such as the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly, The Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corrido, which all boast rich and distinct cultural heritage. The Naurzum State Nature Reserve and Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve, as well as the Western Tien-Shan is a playground for nature lovers. What’s amazing about it is you can still witness everything on its almost raw state and free from the adverse effects of mass tourism-- no exorbitant fees and no crazy tourists taking hundreds of photos. This won’t last long so book your flight right before everyone gets the same idea. You can easily contact and find Travel Agencies using Indy Guide website to cater to your needs.


Name: The Republic of Uzbekistan

Capital: Takshent

Population: More than 35 Million People

Languages spoken: Uzbek is the National Language and a lot speak Russian.

Currency: Uzbekistani Soum

Religion: Islam

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In July 2018, the Government of Uzbekistan introduced an e-Visa for travelers from 101 nationalities, the Philippines included. Because of this, we no longer need to submit documents and apply for a visa in a Consulate. Rather, we need to apply for an e-Visa and for this post, I’ll tell you how.

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1) A scanned copy of your Passport Biodata Page;

2) A Digital Passport Photo; and

3) A Credit/Debit Card to use for the payment.

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STEP 1: Gather all the documents required. Note that the size should not be more than 500Kb.

STEP 2: Apply at Uzbekistan's e-Visa Portal or iVisa. Fill in the required details. Basically, you’ll be asked about your Country and your Purpose of Visit, your Personal Information, your Period of Stay and Address in Uzbekistan, as well as your Personal Information.

STEP 3: You’ll then be asked to upload your Passport Biodata Page and a Digital Photo.

STEP 4: Activate your application for registration by entering the digital code which will be sent to your email address.

STEP 5: Pay the required visa fee and wait for your e-Visa which will be sent to your email.


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1) How much is the Visa Fee?

  • Single entry = $25

  • Double Entry = $35

  • Multiple Entry = $50

2) Are there instances that an e-Visa is denied?

Yes. If that’s the case, an email will be sent to you on the need to apply to the foreign office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

3) Can I track the status of my Visa Application?

Yes, their web portal has this feature.

4) What happens if there’s a discrepancy between the e-Visa and my passport details?

Your electronic visa will be considered invalid. You’ll have to apply again.

5) How long is the visa valid for?

It is valid for 90 Days from the date of issue and you’ll be permitted to stay for 30 Days.

6) Are there instances that Visa is not required?

Yes, children under the age of 16 do not need a visa provided that they are accompanied by their legal representative/s.

7) Can I use my credit/debit card in Uzbekistan?

Yes, but the system is not very good so bringing a good amount of cash will be helpful.