How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport

FYI, there’s more to People’s Republic of China than The Great Wall in Beijing. China is a massive country blessed with abundant natural resources and geologic formations like Mt. Huangshan, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park. It’s historical and cultural sites aren’t to be taken lightly-- The Teracotta Army in Xi’an, the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, and the Forbidden City in Beijing would definitely refresh your old soul  ❤

How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport


How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport

It may be obtained at least 1 week before your flight although I would never recommend it. It’s always better to get it at least 3 weeks before to give you an allowance to fix any lapses on your requirements.

MANILA: Embassy of the People's Republic of China, 2F, The World Center 330 Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City from 9AM to 11AM, Monday to Friday.

CEBU: Chinese Consulate General in Cebu City, Philippines - 7th Floor, Mandarin Plaza Hotel, Archbishop Reyes Avenue Corner Escario Street, Cebu City, (+63) 32-505 1037 / Email: / /

LAOAG: No.216 National Highway, Brgy. 1, San Francisco, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte 2901. Contact number:  (63 77) 772-1874 / 670-6355


1) Original passport that is valid for at least another 6 months with at least one blank visa page, a photocopy of the passport's information/photo page and emergency contact page;

How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport

2) Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China which should be legibly and truthfully filled out. (Must be filled up in capital letters. Do not leave anything blank. Write N/A if the item is not applicable to you);

How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport

3) 2 colored ID photos which must comply with the required photo specifications; and

4) Bank Certificate of Deposit Balance (including the past 6 months bank statement) and the receipt for payment of this certificate.

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Supporting documents are those which prove your financial capacity to travel and to stay at the People’s Republic of China and those which show your intent to go back to the Philippines.

1) For employees- BIR-stamped Income Tax Return Form and Certificate of Employment (detailing the salary and the length of employment)

2) For self-employed/digital nomads- BIR-stamped Income Tax Return Form

3) For businessmen- Business Registration Certificate

4) For students- School ID and Enrollment Form/Receipt

5) For those who have obtained a Chinese visa before- Submit a photocopy of the visa, and if the visa is on your old passport, you should also submit the old passport

NOTE: Bring other relevant documents proving your economic condition/employment/study such as land/condominium title, car registration, etc., other documents supporting your travel to China, or those explaining the travel purpose (if applicable).

How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport


1) Fill out the application form;

2) Complete ALL the requirements;

3) Submit it to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China (addresses above). No need for an appointment;

4) Wait for the release of your passport and pray you’ll get it!


1) How much is the tourist visa processing fee for China?

It depends. For Single Entry, it is Php 1400. Double Entry is Php 2100. Multiple Entry valid for 6 months is Php 2800, and Multiple Entry valid for 1 year is Php 4200.

2) How long is the processing time?

The regular processing time is 4 working days. For express service which takes 3 days, you have to pay an additional fee of Php 1100. Rush service which takes 2 days will require an additional fee of Php 1700. Do note that the rush service is not applicable for first time applicants.

3) Do I need to have a ‘show money’?

Definitely as they are asking for a bank certificate. However, it is not clear how much should be in your account. I think it really depends on the number of days you’re travelling. Make sure you have enough to cover all day-to-day expenses, flights, and hotels. (e.g. If you’re traveling for 15 days, you can’t just have 20,000 in your bank account) (READ MORE: Our guide on SHOW MONEY)

4) What if my visa gets denied?

Visa denial for China is very rare and it is not clear on what the remedy is. But definitely, you can always reapply.

5) Can somebody else submit my visa application for me?

Yes! Just make sure all your requirements are complete.

6) Is there an interview?

None, unless the consular officer have some questions with your requirements.

7) Do I need a visa to travel to Hong Kong and Macau?

Hong Kong and Macau are considered as Special Administrative Region of China. With your Philippines Passport, you can visit Hong Kong up to 14 days and Macau up to 30 days without need of a visa.

8) What if I do not have an ITR?

This is very hard, especially if you’re of age. I’m telling you, pay your taxes because it’s very important. Anyway, you can provide an information on why you don’t have an ITR, provide pay slips/certificate of employment or explain that someone is going to finance for your travel. You can then submit their financial documents.

9) Do I need to have a travel insurance?

It is not mandatory but I always recommend getting one for your trip. You’ll never know what will happen along the road so getting one is a MUST for me. Mabuti na ang sigurado! :)

10) Is it advisable to avail of the services of a tour agency?

For me, it doesn’t make any difference if you avail of their services. I got ALL my visas without their assistance. I did it all by myself! Aside from being very expensive, it doesn’t guarantee the approval. It’s always up to you-- the way you dress up, how confident you are, the documents you submitted, and the way you answered the interview questions that matters.

Here’s my final advice: Traveling around China could be pretty difficult due to language barrier. Shall we start practicing mandarin now?  ❤

How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport

Please do note that the Visa Application Tips that I am posting are all for free. But if you need a little more assistance, I can give you a one-on-one travel coaching for a minimal fee-- it’s a lot cheaper than getting it through a travel agency. Together, we can go through your documents, fill in what’s missing, practice for the interview, and work together for you to get that visa!

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