Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Getting a tourist visa for Afghanistan! 🙏🏽

2nd Day of my solo travels in Central Asia.. getting a tourist visa for Afghanistan! 🙏🏽

I went to the Embassy of Afghanistan this morning. I attempted to get the tourist visa... my very little arabic (from the gulf) made the consulate officer laugh and kind enough to listen to my plans / story on why I want to go to Afghanistan.. also showed all my flight tickets and other visa. I was hoping to pay the $200 to get an expedite visa (the same day) because my Pamir Highway trip with Paramount Journey would already start tomorrow. I knew it’s going to be tricky since I’m a solo female traveler so I had to wait for them (2 officers) to talk in Arabic.

The guy I’m talking to smiled and said yes they can give me the visa but I have to wait for a week because they don’t have the stamp as it’s with the Consul who is on vacation!

Oopssss!! hahahahaha!

They told me to go to Khorog Consulate office which is actually my next stop and 12 hours driving from Dushanbe... they called them and told them about me and my plans.. They told me I could get it there within the day so wish me luck!!! 😆

That’s it for now... I will be meeting my tour group today and excited to begin the overland trip. If you’re interested to do this tour, email me and will get you their contacts and maybe a discount deal when you book with them! 😍 As I mentioned before, Tajikistan is only online application (e-visa) and easy to get with just the passport copy. Only $50 fee or $70 if you need the GBAO permit.. will write a step by step guide article later.

P.S. The consulate officer took my photo because the guard initially said not allowed until the officer went out with me 😂😂


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