How to know if your USA ESTA Visa Application is approved?

Are you one of those people who look to travel USA under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)?

If yes, then you must have the cognizance of some sort regarding Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) USA. When you travel under a visa waiver program, it is obligatory to go through the process of the eligibility check. Now, it is depicting the clear picture of its role. It checks the eligibility of your travel to the USA and considers every possible aspect of whether your journey is liable as per the law enforcement or poses any threat to the integrity of the country. And upon completion of this process, you will be notified for the approval and travel under the VWP.

However, before reaching the approval or the final process, it passes through several checkpoints.

Generally, there are three types of responses to your ESTA application.

  • Authorization Approved: Applicants who receive such response are liable to travel the United States under Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The candidates fulfill every requirement that is needed for the approval.

  • Authorization Pending: It means that your application is under screening and yet to get the approval. Although the result of your ESTA application displayed within three days or seventy hours. Nevertheless, if your status says “authorization pending” it states that the approval process is still underway.

  • Travel Not Authorized: When a traveler is denied with ESTA authorization and the circumstances persist over and over again, then the new application will also be denied. That means he/she will not be mandated with a travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Program.  And for further details, you will be referred to the U.S Dept. of State regarding the visa travel to the United States.

How To know if Your USA ESTA Visa Application is approved?

Now, there are some misconceptions associated with visa denial. The visa denial happens when something terrible attached to your personal history. While going through the visa approval process, your documents go through various checkpoints. And as per the law, if a person has criminal or tainted past records due to some unlawful acts, he/she is not eligible for the enter any overseas country legally. Besides this, the denial process might occur when you make an error in answering the questions related to the criminal records. Following are also some of the reasons why you might face problems in getting approval as well.

  • Sometimes the incorrect information put into the form leads to perplexed responses on the part of the mandated authority. Some basic mistakes could be giving incorrect passport numbers and more. So, take your time and make sure you are putting the right information to avoid the misfortune of getting a visa denial due to some issues that you are not liable to.

  • While answering any question you might find some difficulties. Before attempting those questions which you are not sure about, seek help to avoid making in answering. Most importantly, if you leave the space empty, it could raise some red flags on your identity and the purpose of your travel. Therefore, you ensure that all the required information have to be given due diligence before delivering.

How To know if Your USA ESTA Visa Application is approved?

Now, as we go through the ESTA approval process, there are some facts need to be explored. It is obvious that traveling under VWP does not require to obtain a visa, rather an ESTA approval. And to take full advantage of this, you need to have a timely check of your ESTA status and its expiry period. Once you are out of the expiry period, you won’t be allowed to make an entry into the USA. So, it is necessary to check the ESTA status and thereby renew it to avoid in inconveniences. If you are not fully sure about status and renewal process, have a complete vision about such process below.

As we know ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and that means everything is done and managed electronically devoid of any manual paper works. This enables an expedite checking of the status and quick information. As this digital process means to obviate some flaws which would otherwise have taken place by doing manually.

Above all, the process of checking the status of your USA ESTA Visa approval is vital. And with the right knowledge and assistance you could avoid the pitfalls of filling out the application.

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