Getting a Transit Visa for Canada - Canadian Airport Layover Requirements and Tips

Are you traveling through Canada? Will you need to apply for a visa for a quick layover at their airport?

YES. A transit visa is all you will need.

For people visiting Canada for less than 48 hours or just traveling at any Canadian airport, having a transit visa is essential. You will not be charged any fee for applying for a transit visa and mostly remains a subject of the question for the majority of the people. There are different types of visas one before-mentioned type is a transit visa.

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What Is a Transit Visa?

Transit Visas are Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) applied by people who are traveling to countries while passing through a no. of countries. For Example, if you are flying from Russia to Mexico and your flight will halt/ layover in any Canadian airport for less than 48 hours, you have to apply for a transit visa in that case. There are absolutely no costs charged for applying for a transit visa and comprises of a simple procedure as any other visa application process.

Apply for a transit visa by first filling the application form for a Temporary Resident Visa also considered as a Visitor Visa and afterward select the option of transit visa from one of the columns in the form. And, in case you are looking for an ETA to mark your visit to Canada on March 15, you will also need an ETA to transit through Canada as its a national holiday.

Don’t confuse the Transit Visa with the eTA Canada (Electronic Travel Authorisation), which is a totally different type of Canadian visa. If you are neither a Canadian, nor American passport holder and you hold a passport from one of the visa-exempt countries, then you can apply online for an eTA to travel to Canada. This can be used for holidays, studies, family visits, business trips, and airport transits.

Getting a Transit Visa for Canada

Apply for a Transit Visa for Canada: Know When?

The ideal time to apply for a transit visa for Canada is at least 30 days prior to your departure and not less than that. However, it depends on you how early you can apply for your transit visa to Canada but, make sure you don't make it late. When talking about from where to apply for the transit visa, it can be anywhere from your country of residence.

Be sure that you are not dependent on your travel agencies, cruise lines or anyone to take care of your transit visa, you are yourself responsible for it. Even if you get stuck somewhere, just call your nearby Canada Visa Office (Canadian Embassy / Canadian Consulate) in your country and let them solve your problems related to departure from Canada.

Apply for a Transit Visa for Canada: Know How?

To get your transit visa, all you have to do is fill out an easy application form similar to any other visa application forms. Choose a form for Temporary Resident Visa and, you will find a list of options, choose option saying transit visa. The Temporary Resident Visa comprises three types namely, multiple entry, single entry, and transit. In case you want any of these, get through the application form and fill it and submit it at the consulate of Canada. Make sure you gather all the necessary documents mentioned on the transit visa application and then submit it to the officials. Also, note that there will be no charges applied during the process since its free. In case you are traveling to or from the United States, there is no need to apply for a transit visa. Since according to the China Transit Program (CTP) and the Transit Without Visa program (TWOV), few foreign nationals are allowed to transit through Canada while traveling to the USA even without a transit visa. But, the condition is only fulfilled if they meet all the set requirements.

Getting a Transit Visa for Canada

THE Process after You Apply for a CANADIAN Transit Visa

As soon as your application is sent, officials review your documents attached to it. If they feel it's incomplete, they send back your documents while ending the procedure. If your application seems fine, you will be sent an update asking for:

  • Police Officer approved certificate

  • A medical exam

  • An interview date

Every document will be returned back once processing the Canada ETA application except the original bank statements.

Getting a Transit Visa for Canada

After going through the interview, once your application is approved, your passport will be stamped. And in case you gave any false information on the day of the interview which doesn't match your information mentioned in your application form, there is a possibility of your application being rejected by the officials. Once your application is refused, you will get an explanation from the official site stating the reason for your application's denial. Thus, make sure everything you mention in your application form are true to your knowledge.

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