The Most Beautiful Wedding Venue in England, UK

Sometimes I think that the bride cries as she walks down the aisle because of two things. One, it is a start of a wonderful journey with your own real – life prince. Two, finally the wedding preparations are over – you can now breathe!

Trust me, behind the wonderful dresses and beautiful makeup are tears and stress brought by carefully organizing the wedding.

In my experience, it was really fun to be hands – on with your wedding details. After all, such comes once in a lifetime (for most people).

You try to envision the perfect ceremony months before the actual date. 

You want everything to be seamless. 

You want everything to be according to schedule.

However, there are times that you get too pressured, too exhausted and too confused. Most of the time, the schedule is not followed and you feel you are too worn-out to become a blushing bride.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced this. Knowing that I still have to work on our website and plan a wedding at the same time, it was a real struggle. I wanted everything to be organized. I wanted it to be special.

One of the main things that we needed to consider was a wedding venue that can hold an intimate ceremony. Fortunately, we were able to spot a nice place that has it all. Ours was in one of the best venues when you are in England. We had our wedding reception at The Copse and indeed, they are true to their words. You can feel at home and create memories to last for a lifetime.

The Copse is the perfect place for our Boho countryside wedding where they filled the reception with so much flowers on our special day. Truth be told, the outcome of our wedding was better than what I expected. I could not thank our venue that made my dream wedding possible.

Where is ‘The Copse’ located?

The Copse is located near Henley on Thames, Cotswold, UK.

  • 40 minutes for Heathrow

  • 25 minutes fast train from Oxford

  • 10 minutes from Henley on Thames

  • 5 minutes from Reading

Why choose it?

Available any time of the year

“Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call…”

This is pretty much true with The Copse. The venue is available most time of the year. You can check its availability from the website because it has a calendar that shows you which dates are still free. It’s really easy and convenient to use before you actually book it.

Amazing amenities

You might think that the place is overly traditional with little gadgets of the present generation. You have it all wrong.

It has its own huge cinema, a hot tub and an outdoor barbeque. So if you want to spend few nights before and after your wedding in The Copse, you can still do a lot of things. You will never get bored for sure. Personally, my top pick is their cinema. I could stay there for days and watch my favourite movies and TV series (just give me my wine and cheese, and I’m all set). You can even invite your relatives and friends to stay with you. It can fit 16 guests in 9 bedrooms. Plus, you don’t have to queue when you need to use the bathroom as this has 6!

Stunning surroundings

This one is just what we needed. You see, we are a couple travelling together, and our taste involves, greens, nature, flowers and great landscapes. Believe me; you can have it all at The Copse. Plus, they will make it even more beautiful on your wedding day (of course, this is still based on your preference). It doesn’t matter if you have 20 or 80 guests, the venue can comfortably accommodate everyone.

They can help you with local suppliers

Since The Copse held hundreds of weddings in their venue, they know some local suppliers that can help you with your wedding. If you have very limited time and limited contacts, I’m pretty sure the people from The Copse will help you solve your problem.

You have everything you need

When you book The Copse, you have a place for anything that you need during your wedding day. You have multiple rooms where you and the entire entourage can prepare. You have spacious living area and dining area if you want to spend more time in the venue to have some after party. There’s even a kitchen if your caterer needs it. At least you can be sure that your food will be freshly prepared for your guests. You practically have everything within The Copse, and that takes a load off your back brought by wedding preparations. Isn't that neat?

Now that we helped you with your venue, I decided to help you further by giving you a quick list of what you need to finish when you are about to get married.

So you have the exact wedding date, what’s next?

  • Set a budget and try not to go overboard

  • Start your guest list and make sure to invite only those who are close to you

  • Decide if you can do the preparations on your own or if you need a professional wedding planner

  • Book a venue that will accommodate the number of guests

  • Book your officiant

  • Look for caterers, photographers, band, car hire providers, etc.

  • Pick a dress and try not to gain so much weight! 

  • Finalise your invitation. Make it simple yet meaningful.

  • Finalise your honeymoon plans

  • Choose your cake

  • Book makeup artists

  • Prepare your playlist

  • Get the rings

  • Clear up all documentations needed

  • Write your vows

We’ve got most things covered for now. Don’t stress yourself too much. Plus, you always have your families and friends to help you throughout your journey. Be open to their ideas. And just in case you want help for your honeymoon trip, I would be more than willing to help you. 

You can contact them here.

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