How To Find a Job in Vietnam for Foreigners and Guide to Getting a Vietnam Visa

Vietnam is today becoming an emerging job market for a lot of travelers, with or without a degree. How to find a job that is good enough so that you can quite job in your home country to travel to and live in Vietnam is the concern of a lot of foreigners. Don’t worry. This post will cover the job opportunities for foreigners in Vietnam and how to find a suitable one.

5 Vietnam job trends for foreigners

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

Spend some minutes on google or others search engines, you will see 05 job trends popular among several foreigners in Vietnam today as follows:

1. Teaching English Job

This is definitely the most popular work to be performed by a lot of foreigners in Vietnam.  Why?

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

About ten years ago, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) and also Vietnamese parents set an ambitious goal for students around the country to graduate with highly proficient levels of English. With that skill, they can easily find great opportunity for a study abroad or can go on to work in the thriving tourist industry or at one of the many international companies now based in the country.

As such, the demand for native-English speakers who can teach English becomes high, and Vietnam becomes a rising teaching destination.

For an English teaching position, normally you can apply for in a private English center, or you can become a tutor at home.

Basic criteria to be recruited at this position cover:

  1. First of all, you must be an English-native speaker;

  2. Then you need to have an 120-hour English teaching certificate (such as a TEFL certificate);

  3. Some English training centers in Vietnam request you to provide a criminal background check, and also a teaching experience certificate from your previous employer.

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2. Online freelancer

Vietnam has so many opportunities for such kind of work.

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

If you have the skills and knowledge of web design, graphics, programming or any special technology field, you can easily find a good and well-paid job in Vietnam.

In case you are not a good tech, but have knowledge and expertise in any field, such as marketing, translation, etc., finding a well-paid job in Vietnam is never difficult.

For such positions, you definitely can work as a full-time, part-time employees or even online freelancers.

3. Part-time job in restaurants or hotels

You can earn money in Vietnam by working at restaurants, hotels in seasonal or long term. The work in the restaurant and hotel is quite diverse, from the receptionist, chef, driver to the shuttle staff at the airport, depending on your degree.

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

This job is paid well enough for you to pay all living expenses. Besides, you can work voluntarily in some restaurants and hotels.

4. Tour guides or staff in the tourism industry

This group may include supportive work such as on-board staff, trainer of scuba diving or snorkeling, and tour guides.

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

With the advantage of English fluency, this kind of job is likely to be very great for you. The funniest thing is that you can help travelers like you - foreigner to Vietnam - to learn about and discover the true beauty of Vietnam based on the experience you accumulated in the past time.

5. Review of the tourist sites

This is one of the "hot" job attracting young people want to make money when traveling. There are many travel companies, and the new hotel will organize a trip for the press and travel bloggers. After that, these people will write quality articles, create video clips, and take nice photos to promote the company or the hotel. If you are a travel lover, and have a writing power, then this job is not a bad choice.

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

In addition to these 5 job trends for foreigners in Vietnam, Vietnam has so many others on offer. Now, let’s figure out where you can find the opportunities for you.

Reliable sources for a job in Vietnam?

Companies in Vietnam often offer their work opportunities in the following sources:

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam
  • Vietnam Works: This is perhaps the largest network for almost companies in Vietnam to post the position they need. Start your search here and then proceed to the sites below.

  • Glassdoor: If you are finding a position in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, then visit this one. Glassdoor has a slew of opportunities for you.

  • Job Street: This website was established in 1995 and has become one of the leading internet recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Career Link: Lots of job opportunities here.

How to find a good job in Vietnam and make sure that you like the country?

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

Reading through recommendations of many foreigners who have been and have been being worked in Vietnam, you will see that there are two ways to find a good job in Vietnam, namely:

  1. Look for it in right from your country, online; and

  2. Visit Vietnam, experience the country to make sure you enjoy the living here and then find a job.

How to find a suitable job in Vietnam

And the latter is highly recommended by foreigners. And if you decide this option, there is one very important thing that you need to be aware: check whether you need a visa to Vietnam or not.

In case a Vietnam visa is needed, we recommend you apply for a tourist visa. You need spend some time visit and travel the country, and then decide the job you wish to take.

At the moment, there are up to 3 ways to get a tourist visa for Vietnam. Here come their full details – 3 ways to get Vietnam visa, covering what they are, how they work and what is the best option for you.

After visiting Vietnam and find a suitable job for you, request your company to apply for a work permit for you.

Hopefully this information is of some use for you.

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