Destination Wedding Guide to Mexico - 5 Unique Cancun Wedding Venues

Have you ever thought of going on a destination wedding? Well, you should consider Mexico as there are a lot of unique wedding venues in Cancun!

Tulle, tiara, tequila, repeat but make it unique! My life as a destination wedding planner is a daily challenge in creating the perfect wedding with all the same “working pieces” and making them unique and special to the bride and groom.

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If you start looking at Cancun wedding venues, the photos can start to blend together, cookie-cutter settings in “wedding factory” resorts. Beautiful cookies of course, but dreams of planning my own wedding has me looking for something just a little different. Here are five unique Cancun wedding venues that are on my own personal “I Do, To Do” list.

Captain Hook Cancun Pirate Wedding

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A pirate wedding? Argh yes! I know it sounds crazy but there is no better party than a pirate ship party! It’s pretty much a wedding every night! The boarding of the galleon is the receiving line, the bar is open, welcome speeches and songs, dinner, dancing, fireworks and a battle at sea. Ok, maybe not a typical wedding but it sure is FUN and the guests will love your sense of humor and the steak and lobster dinner!

Scuba Diving Cancun Wedding Venue Underwater!

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The whole ocean is your venue and nobody will have the same wedding photos like you! For adventurous couples and their equally intrepid friends and family, an underwater wedding in Cancun is a wet, wild and wonderful way to celebrate love. I’ve been certified for years and love scuba diving in Cancun so this is a big temptation for me!

Finest Playa Mujeres - Cancun Wedding Venues

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If I am going to choose a resort for my Cancun wedding, it’s got to be the Finest Playa Mujeres. I just adore the location away from the main hotel zone, it’s romantic and luxurious yet comfortable. It has a great mix of “romance” and “family” that you need for a big wedding bringing in cousins from the farthest-flung corners of the universe. Every time I see a wedding at Finest Playa Mujeres it is unique and different and makes me want to do it for myself! I’ve sent several clients to Finest and all came back raving about the experience from start to finish.

La Habichuela Cancun Wedding Venue

Photo by  dronepicr

Photo by dronepicr

I cannot say enough about La Habichuela Cancun, it is an old fave downtown and the hotel zone restaurant set on the lagoon is the definition of romance. I make it a point to have dinner at La Habichuela on every trip to Cancun! Old world charm, spectacular sunsets, delicious cuisine, and an intimate setting make this an extra special Cancun wedding venue. The downtown La Habichuela is the perfect little spot for a very intimate garden wedding, twinkly lights and exotic plants surround you in this romantic little hideaway. The food is out of this world, your guests will rave, there are no rubbery chicken plates here. Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine that will delight the palate!

Isla Mujeres Sunrise Wedding

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Isla Mujeres is the easternmost point of Mexico, the first land to be blessed by the morning sun. I envision myself at Punta Sur in a white flowing dress, flowers in my hair, standing beside the temple to the fertility goddess at the top of the cliff as the sun rises over the ocean, the man of my dreams beside me. Mayan ruins, waves crashing on the cliffs at sunrise, this is my romance novel dream wedding!

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So there you have it, a peek at my “vision board” of unique Cancun wedding venues. While I would love to keep these a secret for myself, I want to show you that destination weddings are not all the same, nor are the venues and it is totally possible to make any wedding dream come true!