Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Visited the Khan Shatyr 😍

If you’re a landlocked country like Kazakhstan then for sure you can figure out on how to make your own beach club.. in Astana / Nursultan they hired the popular British Architect, Norman Foster, to design them a shopping mall called Khan Shatyr with indoor beach club and a small “dinosaur” attraction! hahaha. Yep, Mr. Foster who designed the Gherkins in London. 😍 The building looks so different from the outside too! 😆

I visited a lot of attractions yesterday and today but this is the “coolest” one today.. and they even changed the temperature inside the beach club to make it humid and hot! hahaha and oh the sand of the artificial beach here is imported from the Maldives.

Kazakhstan is a landlocked country situated in eastern Asia which means no sea but they have port access in the Caspian Sea. This country is bordered by four countries; Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

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Kach Solo Travels in 2019  Visited the Khan Shatyr13.jpg
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