Best Travel Tips for Stress-free and Pleasant Holidays

Are you planning for a vacation in the upcoming holiday season? If yes, then here're some perfect tips for you! These tips will definitely make your holidays more pleasant and less stressful.

Please note that the holiday season can be extremely chaotic as many enthusiastic travelers like you will plan to enjoy a vacation during that time. Thus, to ensure comfortable, delightful, and hassle-free holidays, please make sure to follow the below given tips.

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Best Travel Tips for Stress-free, Hassle-free and Pleasant Holidays

1. Pack Light: The first tip is all about the packing. Of course, packing is an important part when you are planning an upcoming vacation. You may have already purchased many apparels, shoes, and accessories that you want to wear during your trip. But, while packing those items, please make sure to only pack the right ones that are actually needed. Do not attempt to pack too many items as you may end up having hefty baggage which will be really difficult to carry. Plus, you may also have to pay excess baggage fees if your luggage exceeds the maximum allowable baggage weight limit. Thus, it will be a wise and meaningful decision to pack light. If you are traveling to a wintry destination, then you are recommended to wear bulky clothing items (i.e. big sweaters, winter coats, and boots) rather than carrying them in your baggage.

2. No Wrapped Gifts: In the previous section, you have revealed the necessity of packing light when you are heading for a holiday. Apart from that, you are even requested not to carry any wrapped gifts. At many screening counters, wrapped gifts are not allowed to carry. You may even be asked to unwrap the gifts for the screening process. Therefore, it will be a wise choice if you carry the gifts and wrapping papers separately in your baggage. Once the screening process is done and you have landed on your destination, then you can conveniently pack your gifting.

3. Pack Your Laptop and Power Bank at Last: Have you now already packed the required items like clothing, gifts, and all other essential belongings? If yes, then you can now pack your laptop and power bank. Obviously, it's recommended to pack your laptop and power bank at last as you will be asked to remove them from your luggage during the baggage scanning process. So, you should pack these items at last so that it will be easy, quick, and convenient for you to remove them out whenever the situation demands.

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Photo by: @johnschno

4. Web Check-in Is More Preferred: Of course, web check-ins are always more preferred than standard airline counter in-person check-ins for any travel. Specifically, if you are planning for a holiday trip, then you should definitely aim to avoid airline counters for check-in. Needless to mention, airline counters get too busy and chaotic during the holiday season. As a result, you may end up waiting in a long queue which can be both annoying and time-consuming. But, there is a way to make your experience hassle-free and pleasant. For that, you will need to do the web check-ins.

All major airline service providers offer web check-in facility which most probably gets activated prior to 48 hours before your scheduled flight time. So, take advantage of this facility and complete your web check-in before boarding the flight. Download the boarding pass and save it on your mobile phone. You can take a printout of this boarding pass later.

Since you have already packed light, you may not need to check-in your luggage. You can carry it with on own in the aircraft itself. In case if you need to drop off the baggage, then you can visit the "baggage drop counters" of your airline service provider. In most of the cases, "baggage drop counters" do not have a long queue as it's a self-service counter. In this way, you can plan a smart, stress-free, and convenient travel.

5. Take a Snapshot of Your Baggage: If your luggage or baggage is fully packed and ready, then please take a snapshot of your suitcase. In this way, if your luggage gets lost somewhere during the travel, then you do not have to panic much. Just open your mobile phone, show the photo to any airport staff, and they will surely help you to locate your lost baggage.

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6. Plan Your Airport Parking Beforehand: Parking at the airport can be a real hassle during the busy holiday seasons. So, if you do not reserve a parking spot beforehand, then you will end up having a totally annoying and frustrating experience. Needless to mention, parking reservation is one of the most helpful tips when it comes to making your holidays stress-free and pleasant. In this context, if you are looking for cheap airport parking service, then you can take help from Parkos.

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Photo by: @john_matychuk

Other Tips: In the above sections, you have revealed six best tips that can really make your travel experience as smooth, seamless, and stress-free as possible. There are a few other travel tips for the travelers too. Rest assured that these tips are also quite helpful and effective. Here're the tips -- try to book an early morning or late night flight to avoid crowds and carry an empty water bottle. And, please do not forget to make your parking reservation before reaching the airport through Parkos.

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