Sailing Life Day 14: Splurge and Food Trip in Palm Cay Marina, Nassau

It’s a “yayamanin” kind of day today 🤪😂

As you guys know we had an unplanned moved to a new marina in the South Eastern part of New Providence Island while waiting for a better weather to sail south of The Bahamas which is our main destination for this trip but seems like the wind is not on our favor in the next couple of days but instead of feeling “stuck” in a place.. we’re actually really happy that we moved to this beautiful Marina-Resort! 🙏

Spent the entire day hanging out by the beach/ pool area and decided to take a break from my Asian cooking.. hahaha! We had a very great lunch here at the Palm Cay.. I had T-bone steak while Jonathan had a salmon dish and we shared conch fritters, sweet potato fries and spicy pizza with beer (for Jonathan) and mojito (for me!). And yes, we finished them all and not on a diet! Minsan lang! Just a mini celebration.. Haha 🤣🤣🤣 (It’s also my Lolo’s first birthday in Heaven!)

Just in case you’re wondering, we didn’t forget Captain Ahab because Jonathan kept returning to the sailboat checking him out and giving him his little treats.. we’d love him to come with us to the beach but there are other dogs here and he might panic! Ha! 🤪

Loving the vibes here.. the marina is getting busier with more boats arriving and reserving a spot for this week to be sheltered from the wind!

Will share some drone shots and our pictorial of the property later! Love this place and excited to explore more tomorrow! #BusogLusog


Taking a break from boat projects and cat photos... haha! 😆

Captain Jonathan and I were just chilling by the beach and pool of Palm CayMarina yesterday! As I said before we didn’t expect that this Southeast area of New Providence island (where the capital of Nassau is located) is this beautiful.. everyone says that you should skip the capital! Glad we found it last minute when we learned that we can’t sail to South of The Bahamas! We’re safe, secured and having fun during these windy and rainy days ahead❤️

I’m so much happier because after a long while Jonathan agreed to be my photographer again.. Hahhaha! aif you’re not familiar with our old blog then this is what we used to do for a living.. staying at different hotels and reviewing the services! We don’t need it now because we have a very comfy bed on our sailboat. hehe! ⛵️🙏😍

Anyway, after “roughing it” for a little while since Florida Keys, this is my kind of place to hang out (haha) 🙏 Love the ammenities here— Very fast internet, a restaurant with a lot of food and drinks choices, swimming lap pool (we can use the towels!!), beach area, hot shower and cheap laundry services (just $1.5 per wash) while the grocery store is just a close walk away and if we ever decide to go to the town proper then a courtesy car is free for us to use.

Though this Marina is more expensive than the other marinas we stayed before (daily rate for a sailboat is $2.5 x foot -length of the boat + VAT = ours is a 37 ft ), this is definitely the nicest! This place is also very inspiring for me.. meeting and talking to people owning beautiful catamarans and luxury yachts! One day we will have a beautiful catamaran too in addition to having our sailboat, S/V Empress. 😂 Hahaha!

We will be here until Wednesday (or before that!) and hopefully the weather gets better so we can start with our island hopping, anchoring, hiking, snorkeling and just adventures! Haha. So for now, we’ll just enjoy our last stop of marina hopping🤣

P.S. As you guys know if you have cats then they will take over your life and your phone, I have no selfies on my phone anymore and it’s all Captain Ahab doing random silly things that is too funny for me! Haha 😂

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