Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

When we started looking for our sailboat, we spoke to a lot of people about what it would be like to live aboard a boat. They all had various opinions and advice, but the one that stuck with us the most was this, "Get the best mattress you can find for a comfortable night's sleep and the best anchor you can find so that you can actually use it without worrying all night about dragging!"

Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

Those same people only had one recommendation - the Mantus! 


Mantus Marine is a three-man team-- Gregory, an emergency room physician and a sailor; Deneen, a structural engineer; and Phillip, the Director of Operations. They were brought together by Deneen’s expertise in design, testing & analysis, Gregory’s passion for sailing & fear of how powerful the wind could be, as well as Phillip’s eye for organization and good business operations. It may take two to tango, but this trio assure high-performance, great durability and superior customer service.

Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

Among the high quality and durable products of Mantus Marine are the Mantus Anchor, Bow Roller, Chain Swivel, Chain Hook, Mantus Scuba System, Rail Clamp Set, Waterproof Headlamp, Stern Roller, Waterproof Backpack and the Rope Clip Line Organizer.  With this great line of products, boat life is going to be safer and more enjoyable.


Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

The Mantus Anchor digs like no other. It is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. When tested, their boat anchors set faster and deeper than any other tested boat anchor, including Rocna, Manson Supreme, Bulwagga, Fortress, Bruce, CQR and Danforth anchors. It is formed out of high-quality steel plate and contains no cast parts. The shank and shank boot are welded from top and bottom. The shank and roll bar are bolted to the fluke. ASTM certified steel bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety. Every part of the anchor system is hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. The sharp-headed nose is reinforced for extra strength. It is also easy to store as it breaks down to a compact size for locker storage on board.

Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

We have the Mantus Anchor 65lb (30kg), which is well oversized for our 37 foot 17,000lb (7711kg) Finnrose sailboat. While we could have chosen a Mantus 45lb (20kg), we live aboard so wanted the Mantus to be kept on board as a fail-safe storm anchor. If we get stuck in a situation where heavy wind and sea conditions make it more dangerous to move than to stay put, we know that we have exactly the right anchor to ensure we do stay put. Soon after Hurricane Irma, we heard a story going around of a live-aboard couple who weathered the biggest ever recorded hurricane with their Mantus anchor. Having ourselves been one of only 60+ boats to survive out of the 300+ moored in Boot Key Harbor through Hurricane Irma, we know what an achievement and testament to the Mantus design that this is. As soon as we are able to, we plan to remove one the CQR 35lb's (16kg) from our twin bow rollers and replace it with a Mantus 45, which will hold the boat fast in most conditions and still be manageable without a windlass. If Mantus ever come out with their own windlass, then I dare say we'll grab one of those as well!

Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

As most of you already know, Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys with a Category 4 Storm. 100mph+ winds along with four to six feet of storm surge poured in from the Atlantic Ocean, tearing homes apart and taking cars from one side of the island to the other. In our beloved Boot Key Harbor, well-secured boats were ripped from their moorings and flung in circles smashing into one boat after another until they were either sunk or pushed into the surrounding mangroves or pushed into the bridges and docks. Sadly, 75% of the boats in our sailing community didn’t make it. Empress was one of the 25% that made it through the hurricane.

The moment we were allowed to get back in the Florida Keys, we immediately went to check on Empress. She was just floating there exactly where we left her! Our neighbors, Rocky and Donna (both in their 70's) patched up our broken windows during the hurricane to stop the water from getting in. (They lost both of their sailboats where they actually stayed through the hurricane. 

We did not leave Empress on anchor through the hurricane, instead relying on the category 2 rated mooring system, but we have now seen what damage and destruction the power of extreme wind can do. This is why we want the best anchor we can possibly find to hold us fast as we sail around the world.


I can’t even begin to tell you the benefits of having this anchor in our lives and in our sailboat!!!

Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

1) It digs like no other- Whether the bottom of the ocean is sand, mud, grass, or shell, this anchor sets smoothly. It almost takes no effort from Jonathan to hook it in. As a rule we always visually check our anchor is set, but as yet we have not needed to re-set or manually dig it it, unlike our other anchors.

2) It is trustworthy- It stays right in place. Your sailboat or powerboat is going to be in the same place you left it despite the wind blowing 30 knots or more.

3) It’s easy to assemble- Just bolt it together, connect it to your gear and it’s ready to hook. It can be assembled in less more than 10 minutes.

4) It’s easy to store- The Mantus is sturdy yet collapsible. Hence, easy storage is an advantage. Ours lives under our starboard settee and lies flat under our other spare parts.


Mantus Anchor-- Is This The Most Secure Anchor In The World?

The only con we can see of having a Mantus Marine Anchor is probably the fact that we will never feel the same level of trust in any other anchor!

Overall, I think this anchor is what every sailor is looking for. We are just grateful that we have what we believe is the most secure anchor available on the market

Are you into sailing too? What brand of anchor do you use?


Note: We were provided with this product for review, however, all views and opinions are my own! =)

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