Travel the World in Style with the "spAIRtray"

For the past four years, Jonathan and I have been traveling together, whilst working together to keep our website updated, monitoring our Facebook page on our mobile phones and working on our laptops. I really love sharing with people the DIY experiences I’ve had in traveling around the world. At the same time, I would also love to help those who share the same passion as I have to achieve their dreams too.

This mobile lifestyle of ours often means that we are working on the move; answering emails in the car, writing articles on trains, updating social media posts from everywhere and more and more often, working from the economy seat on an airline flight from one place to another! I’m sure you’ve been there too, with piles of stuff all around you, stuffed into any nook or cranny you can find - In your seat pocket, by your feet, between your legs, or maybe between your seat and the wall if you’re lucky enough to have a window seat! There has never really been a solution to this problem, only compromises - lose leg room, or stow your belongings in the overhead locker, but then you need an aisle seat in order to reach them, so no window view!

What is a spAIRtray?

The spAIRtray is the first unique innovation in travel comfort that we’ve seen in a long time. It is a portable personal shelf designed to allow travelers to create an extra shelf out of the window alongside them, freeing up more space around them to enjoy their flight in comfort.

As soon as the take off is complete, the spAIRtray can be taken out of its cloth wallet and dropped into place within the window blind track. Unless instructed to close the window, (as is sometimes the case of overnight flights) you have your own personal shelf!

At only 12 inches long by 4 inches wide and folding flat, you can slip it into your hand luggage, your briefcase, or even the slim side pocket of yiou computer bag. You won’t even notice it’s there until the time comes to use it.

Other Benefits of the spAIRtray:

  • Sleek and easy to use. Slide it into the window track and start using it.

  • Spare Space. Your extra space for snacks, drinks, and even notebooks.

  • Multiple uses. Hang your glasses in one of the two hanging holes at the sides

How to use the spAIRtray

Unfold your spAIRtray and insert one end of the black plates low in the alignment channel for the window’s sun visor. Slide the free opposite end to the other channel on the other side of the window. Adjust the left and right side to level it out.

That’s literally how simple it is to use!

The spAIRtray is really easy to keep clean as well; wash it in warm soapy water, just like your dishes! Please do not use a dishwasher though.

I’m not a fan of many of these travel gadgets that pop up all over the place these days, as there are so many of them that try to create solutions to problems that don’t really exist, but I can actually see myself using the spAIRtray while I’m travelling. I know that I have had this issue myself and this is a product that can improve my air travel experience, so I’m giving the spAIRtray my ‘thumbs up’ and I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on planes all over the world!

You can Buy "spAIRtray", here

Note: We were provided with this product for review, however, all views and opinions are our own! =)

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