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“To manufacture holistic health, one bottle at a time…”

This vision statement of Source Vital Apothecary is one that strikes a cord in us; as travelers,  who are passionate about pursuing a life that is naturally good for us, mentally, physically and spiritually. We have felt all aspects of our own health improve since we began to follow a path in life which simply feels natural to us.

This idea of holistic health is something that we believe everyone could benefit from. After all, how many people do you know who eat all the superfoods they can find and train themselves to physical perfection, yet have unimaginably high stress levels? Or someone who appears mentally and physically healthy on the outside, but eats so much trash they must literally be rotting on the inside! To be truly happy and healthy, you must pay attention to all facets of health; physical, mental and spiritual.

That was the philosophy behind husband and wife team, Jerry Pope and Brea Gratia’s initial idea over thirty years ago. Upon opening one of the first day spas in the USA, they simply could not find a range of skin and body care products that were made from real, natural ingredients and actually provided some benefit to the spa customers. This was the beginning of the journey that saw them create their first range of natural spa skin and body care products that would later grow into Source Vital.

Source Vital Today

Even all these years later, Source Vital stick closely to the vision of their founder, with only the highest quality natural ingredients being used in all of their products. As far as possible, each product is made using plant-based ingredients and none of the products contain any synthetics, harsh chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other toxins.

Source Vital is now known as Source Vital Apothecary, which is a way of showing the next steps in the development of the brand vision and philosophy. The term ‘apothecary’ refers back to an old medieval Latin term for a practitioner of natural medicine and healing, using only natural ingredients like plants, herbs and various extractions to treat and prevent illnesses and injuries.

What Makes Source Vital so Special?

Ingredients are the key to creating such gentle and effective natural treatments. Only pure, natural ingredients are used, including high concentrations of real seaweed, whole plant extracts and essential oils. One of the best things about these products is their size, they just don’t take up much space but their purity and high ingredient concentrations make them very effective. This makes them perfect for integrating into our busy and sometimes unhealthy lives. No matter where you are, you always have little space to squeeze in a little relaxing essential oil, or pack a refreshing face wash in your wash bag to use before your plane lands!

We’ve only been using the Source Vital products sent to us for a few days now, but we can see them taking a clear place in our lives as we continue to travel around the world!

Check out some of our favourite Source Vital products

Facial Cleansers - We travel a lot which leaves you feeling tired and quite frankly, a bit grimey! We’re also going to be living on sailboat very soon, so we’ll get plenty of use out of these!

Facial Oils and Serums - Spending much of our time outdoors, in the baking heat, in the biting wind and out in the elements in general, we need to look after our skin. There’s a serum for practically anything!

Bath Salts and Soaks - For quite a long time, we didn’t have a bath of our own, only a shower, especially when we were on the road. That’s why we learned to appreciate a good bath wherever we could get it!

Personal Care and Hygiene Products - There is so much pressure out there to fit into the perfect vision of cleanliness, no matter what the heat and humidity. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream deodorant and hygiene products out there contain toxic substances, like heavy metals. That’s why we’re so happy to finally find products that keep us fresh without poisoning us at the same time!

We would like to leave you with a quote from the founder of Source Vital Apothecary, Jerry Pope, which shows the passion he felt for his life’s work.

“A product can be no better than its components… Many hours of study have gone into each [ingredient] before we use it. Each essential oil, botanical extract, seaweed, and salt is researched and tested before it is chosen. I have traveled to many countries and sampled many ingredients to end up with what we have today. Our products are effective because of these wonderful ingredients, blended into intelligent formulas designed to get results. Our products are active, you will feel and see them work. The search for the best ingredients is never ending.”


Note: We were provided with these products for review, however, all views and opinions are our own! =)

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