My 60-day Weight Loss Challenge: From Fatness First To Fitness First With Skinny Coffee

Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t liked what you see? Have you ever felt so weak that your body is telling you that you’re not treating them right? It had happened to me a lot of times. My body was already giving me the red flag-- I kept on getting flu, colds, and anxiety attacks. I should have noticed then, but I didn’t care. I just took the medicines that I needed and then I was fine. Or so I thought.

Our Sailing Life

This fact really dawned on me on the day of my wedding. I was in my beautiful white dress (which almost didn’t fit me). I looked at myself in the mirror and I barely recognized myself. I was supposed to look good and be at my best, but the truth is, I wasn’t.

Wedding in England.jpeg

I was 51 kilos when we started backpacking. Come my wedding day, I was 72 kilos. THAT’S  21 KILOS HEAVIER. And take note, my height is 5’1. Can you just imagine how huge I was then?! Some followers on our facebook account were even congratulating me because they all thought I was pregnant (that's why I was getting married)!!!

From that day on, I vowed that I will strive to become lighter-- not only in terms of weight but of the overall feeling on my body. I want to be fit and healthy. I want my body to thank me that I finally did her something good. Like what they say, our body is our temple, hence it is sacred. It needs to be treated with respect. So I vow to put in all the good things and pull out the bad from now on :)


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our life on the road. I cannot ask for anything better than this. But of course, challenges are there, especially when it comes to health.


We have been traveling around the world for 4 years now. We started as backpackers who were finding ways to save money, so the street food stalls found around every corner in Asia became our refuge. Don’t get me wrong, WE LOVE IT!! But we had it almost every day for a very long time and it’s just bad for the health.

Trying this Local dish in Djibouti (Africa)

Trying this Local dish in Djibouti (Africa)


One of the ways of the ways of experiencing a country is by trying their local cuisine. Do you agree? I am a firm believer of this one. I have the urge to try everything. And by everything, I can try everything laid on my table from breakfast to dinner! (Sometimes I even grab a midnight snack)

Invited on a Culinary Experience Press Trip in Gaziantep, Turkey

Invited on a Culinary Experience Press Trip in Gaziantep, Turkey


I am always on the go. So all these years, I didn’t practice the 7 AM breakfast, 12 PM lunch, and 7 PM dinner. I just eat whenever I feel hungry or grab anything that looks good on the food stalls without caring if I just ate 30 minutes ago.

Crossing the border from Djibouti to Somaliland!

Crossing the border from Djibouti to Somaliland!


I WORK A LOT. The misconception about bloggers is that everything is paid for by the sponsors. FYI, we work hard every single day to get these sponsors. We don’t just sit here, relax by the beach, party all night and wait for money to come in. After all touring all day (or sometimes during the tour), I always find time to work on our blog, promote it, send emails and write. And it really takes time.

My "workspace"

My "workspace"

These challenges are the ones I have faced on our journey. Bad thing is, I succumbed to it rather than fighting it. I’m not saying these things happen to everyone. It’s me and my lack of self-discipline. I am now gonna make these my motivation in having a healthier lifestyle! I’m not gonna let these win over my determination!! ❤


As I was researching through diets and workouts that could possibly work for me, I came across this Skinny Coffee from The Skinny Caffe. It is highly-raved about online so I got really curious!

Skinny Coffee is formulated to make everyone look good and feel great with their bodies-- with just one cup a day. It helps you lose weight and increase metabolism, boost energy, reduce bloat, improve skin complexion, as well as increase stamina & fitness levels. This has also been said to help with anti-aging too!

Skinny Coffee Cup.JPG

I am not a coffee drinker but with all their mouthwatering flavors, I definitely want to try all of them!! They have Medium Roast, French Vanilla, and Salted Caramel. They have a line of Skinny Teas too-- Strawberry and Pineapple, Vanilla & Cocoa, Mintea, and Fruit Fusion. For chocolate lovers out there, they got you covered! They also have Skinny Chocolates which is now made even chocolatier. (YUM!!)


I have read reviews about it and I’m instantly bought. Another plus is that their company is registered in the UK! And knowing how strict they are with their laws, I know that this company can really be trusted! :)


This coffee isn’t a miracle coffee. It’s not like a ‘fountain of youth’ that we just stumbled upon online. It needs a lot of work from me too. My body needs me to work to be fit and healthy. Hence, I vow to do these things in 60 days:

1. WORK OUT - Go SUP Paddleboarding on a Daily basis

Working out has always been tough for me. But I used to do it! I was always health conscious before, I even joined the No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk and got my Yoga Certification in India! I didn’t know when I started not to care; I wish I can remember and kick my ass back then. Haha.


Anyway, at this point forward, I vow to exercise. We’re living in a sailboat now and we typically live on the sea. So we bought this paddle board for me! I really enjoy it and for me to really commit to a workout, I need to enjoy it. Just yesterday, I did 2 hours of paddle boarding and it made me soooo happy! I also wanna go back to doing yoga. Jonathan and I are certified yoga instructors. But now I kinda lost it, so I really want to work on it. :)


I always feel bloated for some reason. So when I traveled around Africa, I stopped eating dairy. And I felt really good! So that was the culprit!! I have been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix, and I’ve seen a lot about animal cruelty. I just felt that I have a responsibility. Did you see the Mountain Gorillas in my facebook video? They don’t eat meat and they are just so strong! So I’m looking forward to be as healthy and as strong as them haha.

Pistachio in Gaziantep, Turkey

It’s not easy since I’ve always been a meat lover. But I’ll definitely do it for 60 days and we’ll see what happens after that :)


With all the flavors that they have, I’m sure I’ll never get tired of it! I’m looking forward to trying a new flavor each day. All of it is suitable for vegan so I’m sure that it’s perfect for my 60-day fitness program :) I have a lot of friends who have tried it already and they say it works well. But I really wanna see it for myself!

Drinking Skinny Coffee Everyday

I will be posting the progress of my #BalikAlindogProgram and make an unbiased review of this Skinny Coffee soon! Beware, tummy photos are coming!! Hopefully soon, you’ll see me in my beach body and in a pretty bikini ❤

The goal is to get back to the "old healthy ME".

The goal is to get back to the "old healthy ME".

Are you facing these challenges too? Remember, you are not alone! Let’s get through this together. Tell me your story ❤

P.S. If you'd like to purchase the Skinny Coffee Products, use the DISCOUNT CODE: '25DISCOUNT' for 25% off and also get a FREE delivery too!

Note: We were provided with this product for review, however, all views and opinions are my own! =)

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