Product Review: Oh, Susannah! Oh, So Soft Pillow Cases!

Comfortable sleeping is a luxury for me these days, especially now that we’re living on a sailboat. It’s very humid in Florida Keys and we don’t have our aircon installed on S/V Empress yet. Aside from that, the motion of the water can really be distracting when I’m trying to get my goodnight sleep or afternoon nap.


Aside from exercising and eating right, one of the factors of getting a good sleep is having an excellent pillowcase that’s made of breathable and soft material. I used to find it hard to sleep on the boat with our old pillow case. It gets warm so fast and it can be pretty rough on the skin. But now, sleeping is never an issue because I finally have Oh, Susannah's pillowcase!


Oh, Susannah, High-Quality Pillow Cases

Oh, Sussanah’s pillowcases are just "Oh, So Soft!" They only use top materials and inks. A permanent fiber dyeing process is also used to leave even the decoration area soft that I can’t even feel it at all! The quality is just similar to the ones they use in 5-star hotels that I stayed in! :)

It is also breathable! It doesn’t get warm and sticky, unlike our old pillowcase. I used to keep on turning my pillows around just so I can sleep and feel somehow cold, at least. I also noticed that even the printed part is breathable!

Fun, Funky, and Trendy Designs


Our bedroom is our sanctuary, don’t you agree? With Oh, Sussanah’s pillowcase, your bedroom is never going to look boring! They have cute and fun designs which I really love! It’s perfect for our colorful Empress!

Their motivational designs are also lovely. Even though I had a rough day, I just can’t help to end it with a smile and begin it with an even bigger smile and a brighter outlook on life. It’s nice to have some stuff around our boat to remind us that things are just going to get better! ❤

Perky, Pretty, and Posh Product Range

Aside from the pillowcases, they also have other perky, pretty and posh products! All of it comes with fun and motivational designs too!

  • Mugs- This isn’t just your ordinary mug. This is a premium mug with uses a digital high definition process that permanently dyes the mug with a crisp, vibrant, durable image.

  • Wake Up and Be Awesome Coloring Book- This has 25 coloring pages which are inspired by the designs and motivational messages on their kid's line of pillow cases. Pages can be torn out so it would be lovely to put it in a frame :)

  • Stationary- These are greeting cards which are really cute!

  • Organic Swaddle Blanket- My favorite! This is both durable and soft. The designs can also be used as an adorable photo prop for babies! (We’ll have one in time! And I’m definitely going to get one of this!)

Overall, I am really satisfied with my Oh, Susannah’s oh, so soft and breathable pillowcase. Finally,  I don’t need to count sheep just to get me some sleep ❤

Note: We were provided with this product for review, however, all views and opinions are my own! =)

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