Worry-free Water Drinking with Your Non-Plastic, Pura Stainless Water Bottle

In this generation, people get sick even at a younger age. Then I wonder – why is this? It’s because almost everyone lacks the discipline in controlling what they eat! It’s also in this decade where you turn left and right only to find unlimited buffets in your favorite restaurants at really affordable prices!– of course, how could you say no to that?

Months ago, I found myself adding up mass to the fixed weight I supposedly had. I lost my diet. I felt sad and unhappy about it. But then I thought, should I be sulking around doing nothing? So, I started my diet and of course, exercise. I involved myself in different sports activities: outdoor, indoor, and especially water sports!

I lost the added weight indeed. By maintaining a proper diet and of course, water. Water plays an essential role in our lives. It cleanses us and quenches our thirst. When I had a cold, I only kept drinking water and it eventually subsided. So, it washes out the toxins in our body too! Since I started reliving my active lifestyle like back then, I needed some place to store my cold water. A gulp of cold water definitely quenches our thirst after hours from an intense workout! Now, the problem was - where do I find an insulated water bottle to keep my water cold?

As we’re about head out to the waters with no cold or hot water on site - a reliable company, Pura Stainless, foresaw what we would need in the next months and sent their products to us. I’m glad they did.

Since we would need to sail in the next few months, finding a water bottle to store our cold or hot beverages for the next few hours of sailing is a need for us. We don’t want to waste too much energy on our yacht since we’ll be in the middle of the ocean the entire time!

With Pura Sports Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Bottle we found the answer. This is a company and a brand of water bottles which I can highly recommend for the whole family. It comes with a colored silicone sleeve packed with vibrance to cover a part or even the whole of it and including the lid. It is eco-friendly, toxin-free, and 100% plastic-free - perfect for keeping your baby’s milk or your own drinks warm or cold water for adults in the family who live out an active lifestyle and wants a cold water to quench their thirst. On top of that, it is insulated so it keeps your cold or hot beverages, hot or cold for the next eight hours and it does not break nor crack!


Pura Innovation and Technology is a company that lives by the mantra One life… One bottle with a mission to bring the safest, most adaptable, and eco-progressive bottles to the global market. It is the company that made the eco-friendly, 100% plastic free Pura Sports Stainless steel water bottle which can be interchangeable via a leak resistant spout, nipple, and lid; great for both kids and adults. The company has already won a lot of third party awards about it and is still doing their bests to bring the most innovative products to their loyal customers and potential customers.

It was started by husband and wife founders who abhorred the idea of self-proclaimed non plastic bottles when in reality, they actually contained these toxic chemicals that make up for it. They wanted a water bottle that lives up to its promises. Thus, they created this exceptional stainless steel water bottle for themselves - from infants to grannies!


Say goodbye to those disposable plastic baby bottles or water bottles that can cause harm to your baby or yourself and hello to this reusable wonder, Pura Sport. This insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps your drink just the way you like it: cold or hot. Sleeved with a silicone that comes in different funky colors - colors that you or your children would love! Made with non-toxic ingredients, this flexible and versatile water bottle is a must-have for parents or  sporty people who hate plastic.

A stick out handle is also designed to help you hold it as comfortably as you will. Moreover, you can also choose on which lid to use and simply just pop the various silicon lids:

Natural Vent Nipples - the Pura team did their best to mimic the flow of milk coming from a mother’s breast.

Sipper Spouts - non-plastic detachable/attachable sipper spout to support the gums or teething of babies.

Silicone Straw - Use the safest products for your kids - the silicone straw is the first silicone straw in the global market!

Big Mouth Silicone Sports Top - This leak-proof top will not waste the cold water to quench your thirst after every intense workout for an athlete, kids, and adult.

Silicone Sealing Disks - If you have another use for the bottles as a cereal container or you want to have your way with it and not use the big mouth sports top, simply push the colorful sealing disk in and start drinking.

Other accessories are sleeve designs and travel covers that will help shelter the nipple/spout lids.


- This stainless steel water bottle is 100% plastic free, crafted from 100% medical grade silicone.

- Multi-awarded with third party awards and featured on TV shows. (US/International patented)

- The only certified nontoxic and water bottles in the market.

- Reusable and lasts for years – depending on how you take care of it.

- Edgy silicon designs and colors that would fit you or your child’s preferences.

- Choose between insulated/non-insulated swappable silicon lids with varying water bottle sizes.

- Can also be used as a cereal container.

- Lastly, founded by conscious husbands and wives who want what’s best and safe for their children.

Stay updated through their Facebook Page or through their website!


  • Infants. Like their other award winning water bottles, it’s 100% BPA/BPS-free and it’s the safest bottles for your kids!

  • Toddlers. A toddler sippy water bottle or silicon straw - 100% safe for your toddlers to enjoy their drink: hot or cold.

  • Kids. Straw or  Jr. sports water bottle perfect for every parent’s young active ones in the family.

  • Adults. If you live an active lifestyle like us, then get yourself a water bottle that matches your taste, style, and purpose. A vacuum insulated water bottle that would keep your water cold.

When you’re jogging or just got out from an intense workout at the gym, gulp down cold thirst-quenching water from your Pura Sports Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle. A water bottle that makes your hot or cold drink, hot or cold for the next eight hours. Bid adieu to those plastic, toxic, unsafe, and disposable water bottles and hello to this 100% medical grade silicone and stainless steel water bottle made by Pura - a company committed to bringing its customers the best water bottle that is adaptable, the safest, and eco-progressive among the water bottles being sold in the global market.

 I have never been a fan of mineral water bottles or toxic plastic water bottles that will only last you months - worse, weeks! Plus the hassle to dispose of a bottle while you’re sailing in the ocean in the next few months is too much.

 Now that we’ve found this durable water bottle, we are sure to have found the trustworthy company that makes the best bottles ever. And I’m sure that this water bottle will not only become a trend because of its edgy design but it will also be the bottle that every fitness enthusiast, kid, or baby around the world will definitely love!


Note: We were provided with this product for review, however, all views and opinions are our own! =)

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