Sailing Life Day 309: Sailing (actually motoring) from Puerto Real to Boqueron, Puerto Rico ⛵️

After more than a week being anchored in Puerto Real since our arrival in Puerto Rico.. we moved today to a new anchorage where we can just jump from the sailboat and swim because the water is clean and it's a popular beach town! This small town have a lot of small bars and restaurant too and where we will be welcoming 2019! 🙏

We had to wait for a while in Puerto Real because we ordered a brand new anchor, boat parts and the 150ft of chain we had to let go (unexpected circumstances) in the Dominican Republic.. but we now have a brand new one that is perfect for this sailing season!

A sweet reader also sent us a Christmas gift package.. a goumet tuyo all the way from Texas! Thank you LovelyinTexas Gourmet Tuyo 😍

Definitely enjoying the beginning of the sailing season.. also Jonathan and I are hoping to begin a lifestyle change and become healthier for 2019! this is it 😍

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