Sailing Life Day 312: Happy 2019 everyone!! 😍

We celebrated it in Boqueron, Puerto Rico with sailing friends including Nick & Kelly of Sailing Satori and Steve & Jenny of Archipelago Sail ⛵️

Had a pre-drinks party at Steve & Jenny's boat where they prepared delicious food and everyone brought their own drinks.. our French-Canadian friends Benoit and Dominique of s/V Andromeda even brought a bottle of Sparkling wine to share while watching the fireworks...☺️☺️

By 11pm everyone drove their dinghies to land to watch the "ball drop" like in New York but from a 3-storey building.. hehehe!

We had too many rum shots last night but glad to start today - January 01 - without a hangover!! I think we're definitely getting more older and matured 😂😂😂

Positive vibes everyone! This is going to be an amazing year 🤙⛵️🙏

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