Expat Life in Montenegro Day 1: Arrived in our new Home!

Now that we arrived in our new home, the beautiful town of Herceg Novi.. I’d want to start a new series but I’m still not able to explore because we’re unpacking and I had a last minute trip back to Croatia yesterday!

I’d want to show you where we are living now.. we got a 2-bedroom fully-furnished penthouse overlooking the entrance of the Boka Bay (on the way to bay of Kotor - google it!!) we signed a lease contract for a year but I think I’d love to stay longer before we buy a new house and farm to just get back to having stability! 🙏🏽 I’ll take better photos next time after I finish all the unpacking... 😁😴

The cats are enjoying the place and Jonathan already assembled their cat tree and they already started using their Litter-Robot 🤣🤣 It seems like they also chose which bed they’ll be sleeping (but Zissou always sleeps with us!) 🥳

Wish us the best and I will update you more! Can’t believe we are really settling down.. seems to be just yesterday when we were backpacking and hitchhiking then started travel blogging to sailing and now raising two cats!! hahahaha 💋🦁🦁

Expat Life in Montenegro Day 1 Arrived in our new Home.jpg