Lollimeow BUBBLE BACKPACK - Awesome Bag for your adventure cats!

This is the best thing you’ll see today!! 😆😂 From sailing in the Caribbean to going on a roadtrip in Europe with our sailor cats. To all cat parents out there.. check it out 🤣🤣

Have you ever struggled to squeeze your beloved kitty into a regular cat carrier for an important journey or vet visit, then felt incredibly guilty the whole way because they won’t stop howling in discontent? Perhaps they just squeeze into a corner looking stressed and afraid?

Regular pet carriers simply don’t do anything to make a cat comfortable or reassured, as most cats don’t appreciate being stuffed into a small, dark space where they can’t observe their surroundings and they are bounced around at knee level by the carrying straps!

Dogs are more likely to settle down when they can’t see where they are going, but cats need to know what is going on around them, have a clear view and be comfortable all at the same time.

Having traveled across the world with our two cats by air, land and sea, we have finally managed to find a solution to the problem of traveling with small pets with the the Lolli Meow Cat Bubble Backpack, thanks to its transparent bubble screen, spacious design and high level carrying height.

Being a backpack which can be easily carried at the front or back, the Cat Bubble Backpack doesn’t feel like an extra piece of luggage that has be dragged around either! Because we live in an apartment, the only taste of the outside world our cats currently have is the balcony. Thanks to the Lolli Meow bubble backpack, we have another way to expand their world just a little bit more, until we find a place to live where they can be free to explore!

P.S. You can buy it here directly and they deliver for free in USA and with fees worldwide.

You can use the promotion code SAILCAT and you'll get a free handmade collar if you buy the bubble backpack.