Liveaboard Life Day 280: The People We Met in HAITI!

Gael, the owner of the Satama Hotel (Check the Latest Room Rates Here) in Cap Haitien who hosted us on our trip here arranged all of our tours and introduced us to really cool people including Lolo (she returned to Haiti after living in the States) and started a really nice restaurant business - LOLO Restaurant, Cap Haitien πŸ˜ Had a really good dinner at her resto with freshly made pasta and pesto + pizza with yummy pork toppings (for Pinoys, it taste like sisig). We also met Gael's brother, Stephan, the GM of Destination Creole who's supposed to bring us to Amiga Island but the weather didn't cooperate so we hang out at their family beach property and started drinking rum sour & rum punch at 11am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We also met a Filipino who co-owns a restaurant here -Cap Deli Haiti where we had dinner on our first night.. introduced us to his uncle who runs the casino here. haha! we don't gamble but he gave us some chips to play and Kelly of Sailing Satori won $150. haha! Kelly bought me a new swimsuit, flipflops and toothbrush because I forgot to pack πŸ˜‚

Really awesome experience.. we shall come back.. for now, we just returned back to our sailboats in the Dominican Republic to prepare for our departure to Puerto Rico (we've been there before and excited to go back) πŸ˜

Liveaboard Life Day 280: We've just met some wonderful people here who made our trip super awesome 😍
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