Liveaboard Life Day 282: Crossing the Border from Haiti to Dominican Republic

Of course a trip will never be complete without misadventures 😂

On our way back, our bus had diesel problem so we ended up being stuck in the middle of the road near the border of Haiti-Dominican Republic for more than 2 hours while they figured out the problem 😂

Already thinking of my hitchhiking plan but Sailing Satori was hesitant about the end, it worked out well! The bus was fixed and we were able to cross the border smoothly which also involved a customs check point in the Dominican side.. ah, I was planning to bring some shopping back as it's cheaper in Haiti but glad I didn't hoard and only got a bottle of rum 💋

We're driving now in the DomRep highway when the bus broke down again but this time, we jumped to another bus from the same company.. less than an hour later we arrived in Santiago where Jonathan was there waiting for us 😘

It's been fun and can't wait to write more about this 4-day experience.. for now, gotta prepare the boat for our next sailing adventure 🏝⛵️

Liveaboard Life Day 282 Crossing the Border from Haiti to Dominican Republic
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