Liveaboard Life Day 285: Hitchhiking in Luperon, Dominican Republic

Sorry been out of touch in the last few days.. catching up with our boat life and my friend is visiting us for 3 weeks 😍

I've met Joanie (from Canada) while backpacking in South East Asia in 2013 and even before Jonathan and I started dating! 😍 we did yoga in Thailand for a month and met up again on my wedding in 2016 then 2 years later, here she is, joining us in the Dominican Republic 💋

People you meet while traveling are the friends to keep indeed 🤙🤙 spent the last few days with boat projects, cuddling with our cats, enjoying BBQ at our friends' wooden boat, hitchhiking with Joanie and just drinking wine by the beach 🤙🏝⛵️

Hope all is well with you guys 😍🏝💋 Positive vibes 

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